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Common DIY Moving Mistakes You Must Avoid

Relocation is a hassle-free process when we do it with the help of professional packers and movers. But some people follow a DIY moving procedure, which makes the process more stressful and strenuous for them.

Packing and moving goods to an entirely new city or state is not an easy task. One should have adequate skills and experience to plan a DIY move. Or else, they will make a few mistakes that could either make the process tough or costly for them.

Hence, it is advised to relocate with professional movers and packers because moving agencies have trained and skilled staff who will handle the goods.

From packing to handling, loading, and unloading goods, packers and movers do everything to provide complete assistance to you during the move. You can simply enjoy your move with them.

But still for many reasons people follow a DIY process to relocate their home. And during that time they make a few relocation mistakes. These mistakes can be silly and obvious, but some could be really serious which you must avoid.

If you are looking for tips on how to avoid DIY moving mistakes then read this article till the end.

Here, you will know the most common mistakes people during a DIY move and also tips to avoid them.

Common Self-Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

1) Delaying until the last minute

One of the biggest problems of we human beings is to procrastinating everything. But when you are moving to a new place then you will have to be prepared for this.

Delaying the packing process and leaving everything for the last minute can put you in big problems. You will create a total mess and a chaotic situation if you will keep postponing everything.

If you want to know how you can avoid this situation then start preparing for the move as early as possible.

  • Start preparing for the move at least 2-3 weeks before the move.
  • Make a list of the important task you need to complete before the moving day.
  • Set a deadline for each job. This will help you to finish all the important tasks before you move.

Remember, professional packers and movers are always there to help you. They have a trained team of professional packers. The moving agency will arrange everything for your move from buying packaging materials to arranging the moving truck, moving equipment, and other things.

2) Not Downsizing the Shipment

You may want to move with all your belongings. But this will not only increase stress while sorting and arranging things at your new place but also it will increase moving expenses. You will have to pay a lot for transportation charges. You will have to book a large-sized truck for goods transportation, which will increase the truck rental charges.

To avoid this situation get rid of all the items that are useless to you and are just lying in your house.

The most forgotten-about items in every household are the old appliances, outdated home decors, clothes that don’t fit you, your child’s old used toys, books, clothes, etc.

How to avoid this DIY moving mistake?

Before start packing your goods, look around and see what all goods you have. Start doing it room-by-room and make a list of the things that you own. Then see what are the things that you have forgotten about and there’s no need to bring them to your new house.

This will help you to purge your house and get the stuff that you need the most and you should carry along with you to your new house.

To get rid of those unwanted goods you can either sell or donate them to charity. There are some good places to donate old things in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, etc. Just search on Google for NGOs or donations camps near me and you will get a list. Select one and donate your things. Or, simply deal with a scrap dealer.

3) Not Packing an Essential Bag

Most people, especially first-time movers, don’t know the importance of carrying an essential bag with themselves. They just pack the entire household goods and load them on the moving truck. The shipment delivery may take a week or more if it’s an intercity move. Therefore, you should be ready with an essential kit with yourself to have a comfortable stay in your new house.

Now, when you have read this article you know that you are not supposed to make this mistake. No matter how far or near you are moving, you should always have an essential or survival kit with you.

Ask each family member to pack their personal belongings separately. This should include clothes, toiletries, medicines, water, snacks, accessories, mobile charger, laptop, etc.

Also, keep some utensils and induction to start your kitchen.

4) Not Labeling the Boxes

After packing the goods in boxes, label them properly. This prevents any last-minute confusion and also helps in identifying the items at the new house. You can easily get confused while arranging your goods in your new house.

To avoid this problem, label each box immediately after packing. Write the name the box belongs to and a short description of what it contains.

5) Lifting Heavy Items by Yourself

The DIY move doesn’t mean you will do everything by yourself. But people do this mistake often. They try to lift and move heavy and large items by themselves, which leads to severe injury or damaging the item.

If you don’t want to face such problems, then contact a reliable moving company to get laborers. They will easily lift and load the goods onto the truck without damaging them.


The risk of a DIY move can be reduced by avoiding making DIY moving mistakes. If you want to have a safe and smooth relocation move then avoid making the mistakes we have discussed above or simply hire professional packers and movers in Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, or wherever you live.

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