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Common Amazon Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

There’s plenty to keep an eye on in case you’re brand new to Amazon advertising, or in the event that you’ve been advertising through this eCommerce platform for a long time.

You could have the status of an Amazon ads professional. or a seller new to Amazon who is setting ads for the very first time.

Amazon advertising provides a broad array of opportunities that are cost-effective to increase sales and brand awareness , but it can also become expensive due to often-preventable errors.

The algorithm of Amazon is constantly evolving, it’s never bad to keep your knowledge up-to-date.

Before we go into the details of most common mistakes in advertising, take a look at these amazing facts:

  • 43% of customers visit Amazon ads on the internet.
  • 88% of companies selling on Amazon utilize Amazon Ads.
  • More than half Amazon sellers spend more than $60,000 per month on Amazon advertisements.

Common Amazon Ads Mistakes

Let’s dive into it. The above facts illustrate the importance of the reason Amazon ads must be part of your marketing plan.

As with all other things we’re here to help you avoid common mistakes that we’ve seen companies make.

#1: Treating Amazon Ads like Google Ads

While the language and general guidelines for Amazon’s advertising program are identical to Google’s, a few sellers commit the mistake in not adapting their marketing strategy to match the different platforms.

Don’t be misled, Google Ads and Amazon Ads offer a wide range of options to market your products and services,  each with distinct advantages that can help you achieve whatever your goal for advertising might be.

Amazon ad types offer different kinds of advertising solutions. We recommend digging deeper into the resources that are linked above to better understand the basics and the best techniques on both of these platforms.

#2: The ‘set it and forget it’ method. 

Not focusing on your campaign after it is live is inefficient at best, but potentially risky at the worst. Through monitoring campaigns frequently sellers will be able to spot trends and tailor their advertisements accordingly.

 It’s not necessary to stress with your ads every couple of minutes or even for hours, but we recommend that you check on a daily basis to every other day, depending on your campaign’s maturation.

Sellers who approach Amazon Ads with a “set it and forget it” approach do not understand the purpose and spend much of their money and time hoping to hit the jackpot in a marketplace crowded with companies that are optimizing their ads.

#3: Keywords + lack of negative keywords

It can be a bit difficult to choose the appropriate keywords that increase your chances to convert on Amazon. Sellers typically spend a huge amount of time researching keywords , and ignore using negative keywords as needed.

Negative keywords can aid in avoiding unnecessary expenditure. They can also help your campaign be able to compete against other ones in your campaign.

We suggest you watch this webinar produced by Amazon that delves into keyword usage use, negative keywords and the best way to start manually targeted keyword campaigns.

#4: Not paying attention to conversions on your listings

Optimization of your listing and the history of conversions are two of the most important elements that determine the way your ads are displayed on Amazon.

An unoptimized listing due to a lack of suitable keyword phrases, negative keywords product descriptions and so on. could directly affect the amount of impressions your advertisement receives.

From your account as a seller, click Reports and Business Reports Details Sales and Traffic by Child Item report. Check each ASIN you want to promote.

#5: Not taking advantage of Amazon resources

While it can appear impossible to keep up with Amazon’s ever-changing algorithm There are plenty of resources offered by Amazon directly available to sellers in order to stay up-to-date.

The Amazon Advertising Learning Console offers new and seasoned advertising resources that enhance knowledge development and create tools to help your business grow online.

Don’t forget that you’re eligible for the Amazon Ads Certified.


Amazon Ads offers endless opportunities for businesses with all budgets and sizes and across all industries to further reach out to customers. The “common mistakes” highlighted in today’s blog could be quick fixes and easy successes for your strategy for advertising and may even make your team more efficient and money.

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