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Certified Translation Company in Dubai

Are you looking for a certified translation company in Dubai? There are many certified translation offices in Dubai with the globalization trend, which leads to the difficulty of determining the best and most professional translation office, and even the difficulty of finding good translation fees. However, Alsun Translation Services, a certified company, has a solution to such twofold issue to provide clients with the best certified translation services with professionalism and high quality. Moreover, Alsun Translation Services provide its clients competitive prices and is available for communication 24 hours/ all working days.

The Significance of a Certified Translation Company

To receive a certified translation of official documents and to translated documents with a declaration of their conformity with the original papers and documents, such matter requires dealing with a certified translation company with a good reputation and trust in the field of translation. Therefore, the official authorities often require translating documentation by specific certified translation offices, to avoid errors, delays or inaccuracies that waste a lot of time and effort.

Alsun Translation Services Dubai  (“ATS”) has more than 15 years of experience and holds the credibility and reliability of the official authorities in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. ATS provide you with translation services by professional translators who specialize in various fields of certified translation such as:

  • Legal Translation: Legal translation requires that a legal translator is highly familiar with the functional equivalence and the applicable law in the country for which it is translating. This type requires a certified translation of a legal term in the source language to its legal equivalent to maintain the same legal effect. ATS Office is distinguished from other certified translation offices by such characteristics.
  • Financial Translation: Such type is related to the financial and marketing commercial content of major companies and brands, such as translating data sheets or business transactions, translating content for marketing goods and products and following up their impact on the target audience. Moreover, such type includes translating private financial transactions between companies, banks, and partners.
  • Medical Translation: ATS provides medical translation service by a group of medical translators who are concerned with translating texts classified within health care or medical science fields, pharmaceutical products, clinical trials, medical devices, hospital documents or medical reports. A medical translator at ATS shall be well acquainted with its area of expertise to provide proper medical translation of medical reports and similar medical texts.
  • Simultaneous Interpretation: Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most important and difficult branches of the translation industry. Interpretation involves understanding and transferring ideas and information from one language to another based on the mechanisms of speech. Therefore, at the certified translation office in Dubai, an interpreter pays special attention to spoken speech and communication skills.
  • Scientific Translation: Scientific translation is a type of translation that is related to scientific and technical text translation. Such type of translation is based on the meaning of the concept and requires specialization and extreme accuracy in translating sentences and terms in a way that does not prejudice or change the meaning, given that it is one of the most important types of translation.

Certified Translation Office in Dubai

ATS provides its services through a certified translation office in Dubai, with quality assurance through reviewing and proofreading the translated documents by professional translators and the quality department, regardless of the size and quality of such documents. By this way, ATS avoids any potential error that may cause a loss in financial resources or time for clients. Such matter is of great importance in ATS. Moreover, ATS is characterized by the following:

  1. Multiple Branches: ATS has various and multiple branches in Egypt and the Gulf countries, which is one of the most important advantages of translation companies, as it provides you with easy access, expeditious completion and proximity to various official bodies that require certified translated papers.
  2. Official Accreditation: The certified translation in Dubai  has documented, and valid accreditation certificates obtained from concerned bodies. Furthermore, it provides other various required languages and other types of translations, such as documentation translation, medical translation, legal translation, scientific, technical translation, and subtitling translation, etc.
  3. Accuracy and Professionalism: We are distinguished by accuracy, speed and flexibility in communicating with clients to meet all their demands with the best and fastest service.
  4. Translation Expert Team: ATS includes an elite group of translation experts in the Arab world, as well as a trained and professional team of expert translators in various fields of translation.
  5. Quality Assurance: The translated text or the material to be translated is reviewed by the quality control department before it is certified and delivered to a client, to avoid errors or waste of time and to build mutual confidence between clients and the certified translation office.
  6. Affordable Prices: ATS is distinguished by offering competitive prices, which is a prominent advantage. We complete such documents required to be translated by expert translators with accuracy and high skill, believing in the importance of the translated material of the client and in the confidence that clients place in the Office.
  7. Ease of Communication: Fast and easy communication means not only the availability of the Office in a vital location, but also the speed of communication for 24 hours. You can always contact our team of translators to give feedback, request services or inquire about any issue. You receive a direct response flexibly and professionally.
  8. Providing Sworn Translators: ATS includes a diverse elite group of sworn and certified translators, who are able to provide various language services to meet the different requirements of clients.

Finally, If you have any questions about the services of ATS, in Dubai, feel free to contact us. We are a certified translation office in Dubai that provides florya eskort certified translation services at the lowest price with the most accurate work.

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