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CDSCO Registration: The License to import cosmetics in India

Importing cosmetics isn’t possible without the CDSCO registration. It’s a business license issue by the Central Drug Standard Control Organization.

It’s an Indian authoritative body whose job is to ensure that drugs and relate products that are circulated India match the regulatory standards.

In this article, we briefly discuss the importance of the CDSCO approval. Additionally, we dive into the procedure to acquire certificate along with the documents you need to submit.

What is the need of CDSCO Registration in India?

You cannot do any business in India without the appropriate business license. And when your business deals with import of cosmetic products, you need to extra careful. Along with the standard Import Export Code, you need a business license specific to the product you’re trying to import. For the cosmetic products, it’s the CDSCO certificate. The reason you need  consists of the following points:

  1. It’s imperative that the products import in India are free from toxic materials.
  2. The products you import must be manufacture in an ethical manner.
  3. No cosmetic product that has prohibite ingredients is allowed to be sold in India.

The CDSCO Registration process assesses the cosmetic based on these aforementioned points. Read More: Experimental License

What is the procedure to obtain CDSCO registration in India?

To obtain CDSCO certificate, you need to follow the standard online procedure entailing the following points:

  1. Go to the official CDSCO website.
  2. Search for cosmetic import
  3. Go through the guidelines thoroughly. If you can’t, consult with a CDSCO expert to do the same.
  4. Fill the online application form for CDSCO approval.
  5. Take the printout of the filled application form.
  6. Attach the application form with the physical copies of the required documents and submit it to the regional CDSCO office.
  7. The application and the documents will go through a thorough assessment. If everything is in order, you’ll obtain CDSCO registration.

What are the documents required for CDSCO registration

The documents you need to successfully obtain CDSCO approval to import cosmetics are as follows:1

  1. A cover letter
  2. A document containing all the information to be present on the cosmetic’s label
  3. Ingredient list of the product
  4. Manufacturing license of the product
  5. Free sale certificate for the product issued by the product’s country of origin.
  6. Declaration that all toxic materials are within regulatory standards
  7. Declare that no animals were test during the product’s manufacturing process.
  8. Declaration that the product is free from any prohibite materials
  9. Sample of the product.
  10. Import Export Code.


Import of cosmetic product is only allow after CDSCO, India’s primary dug standard and control organization, has assessed it. Read More: NLD License

CDSCO registration is the result of a positive assessment. Thus, if you wish to obtain CDSCO certificate, you must go through the entirety of process without missing a single step.

However, understand that parts of the aforementioned steps are difficult to comprehend and we won’t pretend that it’s easy to gather all the documents. Therefore, we are extending our helping hand to assist you get CDSCO approval in India.

CDSCO registration is the license to import cosmetics in India. Find out why CDSO approval is important along with the steps to obtain CDSCO registration in India.

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