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Caravanning for women travellers in India

Caravanning for women travellers in India

Travelling in a caravan has been prevalent since the 18th-20th century before motor vehicles came into the picture. It had a rustic appeal for the travellers even then, and the same feeling pervades even now. Today, with the rise of influencer culture, many women travellers are also heading on caravanning trips. Many travel bloggers have recommended camper van companies as the best ones to choose from while going on a road trip across India for safety and security camper van.

Such camper vans have vehicles that have safety amenities and comfortable accommodation provisions making it easy for women travellers to go anywhere in India, be it solo or with their girl gang. 


Let us look at these best caravan companies in India ideal for women travellers: 


Carawander is one of the best camper van companies in India that has all the amenities for women travellers to travel safely and in comfort.  

The caravan vehicle comes with a night-vision camera that will help women travellers to monitor if there are intruders lurking around or if any type of nuisance taking place. They can alert the local authorities immediately or move away from the parking spot.  

There is geo-navigation also present in the vehicle which allows women travellers to reach their destination without depending on strangers to ask for directions.  

Women travellers find it very difficult to go on road trips as the public washrooms are extremely unhygienic for usage. It might lead to health hazards. Thankfully, Carawander mitigates this issue by providing clean washrooms with western-style toilets.  

The vehicle is also well-equipped with a medical kit and fire extinguishers for further safety and security.  

Green Dot Expeditions  

For women travellers who are inexperienced in driving, Green Dot Expeditions is one of the best caravan companies in India that provides them with a crew while being on the road. The crew for cleaning and cooking is credible and trustworthy.  

This makes women travellers feel safe while travelling alone to remote destinations in India.  


The Bangalore-based caravan company, LuxeCampers, is one of the best and most credible ones in India that is known for providing a luxurious and safe caravanning experience for women travellers.  

The camper van can be rented for visiting the scenic and heritage places in Karnataka such as Coorg or Hampi.  

The vehicle is well-equipped with a fully functional kitchen and toilet so that women travellers do not have to worry about their health and hygiene by going to public washrooms or eating from unknown restaurants in remote places.  


The motorhome is another well known and credible camper van company that women travellers in Maharashtra prefer for their solo or group road trips to places such as Lonavla, Bhandardara, and Mahabaleshwar. The vehicle has modular functionality and comes with security cameras, Wi-Fi, and a washroom to ensure the safety and comfort of female travellers.  

Safest places for women travellers to caravan in India : 

There are many places in India that are completely safe and secure for women travellers to visit via caravanning. Even for solo travellers, these places are completely secure and have a homely atmosphere.  


Manipur is one safest destinations in India for women travellers. Best known for its lakes and natural habitat, travellers can see the wonders of this North-Easter state in India by renting a camper van. 

You can visit the monasteries and tribal villages to witness the culture and traditions while relishing the most delicious cuisines prepared by the locals.  

Rann Of Kutch 

The Rann of Kutch is on the bucket list of many travellers, and it is indeed one of the safest places to be visited by women solo travellers via camper vans.  

Surrounded near the Pakistan border outside Bhuj, the dessert becomes white during the winter season. It is a mesmerizing sight at night, as you can clearly see the Milky Way Galaxy.  



The ideal destination for women travelers to go on a road trip is the Land of High Passes, ie, Ladakh. Other than its scenic beauty, the union territory of Leh-Ladakh is very much safe for women travelers. People living in the region are extremely hospitable and trustworthy.  

While you are there visit the rock caves by the Zanskar River, and park your camper van. Around Tsokar Lake, witness the mesmerizing beauty of Turtuk village before the Indian border ends.  


Known for trekkers and nature enthusiasts, Coorg is a secure destination for women travelers. To visit the southern part of India via camper vans. 

The place has beautiful forts, orange county, and coffee plantations, making it ideal for offbeat travel.  

To get cultural exposure, you can also visit the Tibetan village of Bylakupe. And have a spiritual experience at the monasteries.  


Carawander offers fully furnished caravans to make your road trips more manageable and comfortable. We offer the best camping caravan rental services. ✯ Get the Latest Price Per Day.

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