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Car Insurance Policy in Pakistan

Car Insurance Policy in Pakistan

When it comes to getting yourself a car insurance policy in Pakistan, there are multiple insurance companies that offer variety of plans to suit your needs. In a country like Pakistan where street crime and theft are prevalent, it is very important to get your assets insured so you can avoid any unnecessary financial loss due to car accident, damage or theft.

Getting car insurance has become easier now as many insurance companies have now gone online. So looking for car insurance price in Pakistan is much easier than it was in the past. All you have to do is, log on to their websites and analyze their prices and plans.

Price Comparison

Compare all the prices, talk to their salesperson and get your insurance plan from the comfort of your home.

All companies have different insurance plans. These plans have different features to match the needs of different customers. The average price of car insurance price in Pakistan varies from insurer to insurer. The insurance premium depends on a number of factors that are listed below:


  1. Number of vehicles you want to get insured
  2. Model and make of your vehicles
  3. Type of vehicle (Personal or commercial)
  4. Driver’s age and income

Having the above information will be beneficial when you are looking for a car insurance company that best matches your budget and coverage needs.

You may get a lower insurance price if you are an existing customer of the same company have other insurance policies from the same insurance company. The best way to save more on your car insurance policy is to get multi-car insurance.

The premium price will reduce significantly and your multiple cars will be insured – all at a lower premium rate!

If you are not sure of which car insurance policy should you buy for yourself, go and shop around for a better insurance rate. The key is to talk to their representatives, provide required details and discuss with them your needs.

Vehicle Insurance

Get the insurance for your vehicle that ensures maximum coverage against loss of your car, damage to your car, theft of your car, accidental coverage and many more.

When choosing your insurance company for your vehicle(s). Make sure to look at their financial strength as it is important, but what your contract/insurance policy covers is also very important. Make sure you understand it well and you familiarize yourself with all terms and conditions.

Also, it is very important that you get your insurance policy for a vehicle or automobile which is not very old and worn out.

Since, no one can predict the occurrence of accident. It is important that you play safe and get insurance on a new car rather than on an old one.


Because you may have to drop some types of coverages by your car insurance company.

So, choose your insurance policy wisely. Do your homework before taking the final decision. Get a plan that provides maximum coverage under a reasonable cost or price.

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