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Build a Wood Fence Yourself Or Hire a Professional Installer

Fencing Company Dundee,  you are handy with power tools and know how to carry out home improvement projects, you can build a wood fence yourself. While you live in a flat area, you can even save money by doing it yourself. If you’re unsure about your skills, however, it’s better to hire a professional fence installer.


Spruce is a great wood for fencing because it is relatively inexpensive and can be repainted multiple times. The light color of the wood makes it easy to paint, and you can use it to create a variety of styles for your fence. The disadvantage of spruce is that it is less resistant to insects and decay, and requires more maintenance than other woods.

Both spruce and cedar are considered good choices for fencing. Cedar is much more expensive than spruce and tends to age faster. It turns light gray when new but darkens over time. Cedar fences are also more expensive than spruce, but are considered to be the top of the line in wood fencing.

Spruce wood fences cost about $3 to $10 per linear foot, which makes them an inexpensive choice. Fencing Company Dundee, They are also relatively durable, lasting up to ten years. Spruce wood fences can be stained for a modern look. However, their shorter lifespan compared to cedar is due to their more proneness to weather and insect damage.

Redwood contains tannins that are naturally insect-resistant and long-lasting. Bit more expensive than cedar, but many people prefer its natural look. Redwood can last up to 25 years and require little maintenance. If you do decide to paint it, you can get a rich, reddish color.

The size of the fence will depend on your requirements. It may be 5′ tall or eight’ tall. If you are not sure of the height of your fence, contact the fence supplier for more information.


If you are thinking about building a redwood wood fence for your property, you will want to plan carefully. This type of wood fence can be expensive, so it is important to shop around for the best price. You can find redwood fencing for a reasonable price by visiting several supply companies and negotiating prices. Negotiating with suppliers can save you as much as 20% on material costs. It is also a good idea to plan carefully and budget for the project. You should also consider using one of the leading fence design software programs to plan your fence’s layout and calculate materials needed for the project.

Redwood is one of the strongest and most stable building materials available. Fencing Company Dundee, It will not shrink or rot after installation, and it has an impressive resistance to insects. Unlike many other types of wood, redwood is resistant to termites and warping. This makes it an excellent choice for a fence, especially one that will be exposed to the elements.

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Redwood comes in a variety of grades. You should look for a grade that has a deeper red color. You should also pay attention to whether or not the redwood is treated with stain or clear finish. If not, it will fade to a gray-like color. This type of wood is typically expensive.

Redwood picket fences are usually three to four feet high. The pickets are usually pointed at the top, so they discourage climbing and moisture retention. This type of fence is traditionally used for livestock confinement, and is a great choice when demarcating a property.


Cypress wood is a great choice for a fence for two reasons: durability and longevity. Unlike other types of wood, it does not rot and contains a natural chemical insect deterrent. However, the cost of cypress is also somewhat higher than cedar, and this is due to the fact that it must be transported from the South.

Before sanding a cypress wood fence, you should lay out a drop cloth on a level surface. Next, lay the block of cypress on the cloth and sand it along the grain, preparing the wood spores for stain. Fencing Company Dundee, Next, apply the stain in a moderate amount of pressure, working along the grain as well as across it. Once the stain has dried, you can apply the sealant by working with moderate pressure, and be sure to apply it from all angles.

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Although cypress wood is somewhat more expensive than pressure-treated pine, it offers a wide variety of benefits for your fencing needs. Its natural oils and acids protect it from insects and make it more rot-resistant. These properties can extend the lifespan of your wood fence considerably. When used properly, cypress wood fences are beautiful and functional. They are also excellent for structural applications.

Cypress trees can be found growing throughout the southeastern United States. Their range includes southern Florida, the Atlantic Coastal Plain, and the lower Gulf Coast Plain. In addition to being a beautiful choice for a fence, cypress trees are also great for the environment. They filter the water, removing excess nutrients and toxins, and also provide habitat for many aquatic species.

Compared to pressure-treated pine pickets, cypress pickets are more resistant to rot. Since green cypress is expensive, most companies use pressure-treated pine framework instead.

Construction grade

If you’re planning to build a fence for your property, you should look into the different grades of wood available. The best choice will depend on your budget, the look you’re trying to achieve, and the climate in your area. In mild climates where temperature changes aren’t extreme, construction grade wood will be fine. However, in climates where extreme weather events are common, durability becomes a key concern.

Wood is the most common fencing material. Metal fencing Dundee, It’s affordable and can be easily cut to uniform sizes and shapes. It can be stained to virtually any color and provides complete privacy. It’s also biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Fencing Company Dundee, You’ll find that a construction grade wood fence won’t cost you a lot more than a traditional fencing material like Fir.

Wood fences can last for decades with proper maintenance, but there are certain factors you need to take into account to make sure it’s long-lasting. To begin with, you need to choose a material that resists decay and other damage caused by insects. Certain types of wood are naturally resistant to insect infestations.

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Cedar and redwood are both great choices for construction grade wood fences, but they tend to be expensive compared to other types of wood. Fencing Near Me, Redwood is slightly more expensive than cedar, but has more inherent characteristics that make it durable. It also has fewer visible knots and is insect-resistant, making it a good choice for structural parts of a fence.

Choosing a construction grade wood fence is crucial for both aesthetic and structural reasons. Fencing Company Dundee, While some retailers let you choose your own pieces, it’s better to work with a contractor to ensure that you’re getting quality lumber. The best wood fences will have a uniform appearance and fewer defects.

Premium grade

The right wood for your fence depends on your personal preferences, budget, and climate. In mild climates with minimal temperature fluctuations and little severe weather, wood is ideal. However, in regions with extreme weather conditions, durability may become a concern. If you’re in one of these climates, it may be better to choose a different wood for your fence.

There are many different kinds of wood that can be used for fences. Cedar, for example, has natural resistance to insects and rot. It also does not require pressure treatment. Cedar is also one of the most durable woods available. However, cedar is pricey compared to Fir, and the cost per board can range from six to ten dollars.

Spruce is often used to build stockade and prefabricated fences. It’s also the least expensive of the two, but its natural color fades to a creamy yellow color. You can paint or stain spruce fences, but if you want to keep them looking as long as possible, consider using another type of wood. Spruce does not have the same durability as other types of wood, and it is susceptible to decay and insects.

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If you want your fence to look nice and be durable, choose premium grade wood. You can find these boards at many lumber mills, though they will cost slightly more than the average #2 grade. Premium grade boards will have less defects and can be made of a mix of #2 and #1 boards. Fencing Company Dundee, These are cheaper than all clear fences, but you should also avoid buying all clear boards because they will have a lot of knots.

Premium grade fences can add a touch of style to your garden. You can add scallops, lattice, and arches to your fence. They are available in both horizontal/vertical and diagonal patterns. They can also be accented with pointed country pickets. You can also find them in different styles, such as those with more back rails. Hot-dipped galvanized screws can hold these fences in place.

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