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Best Time To Visit In Spiti Valley

Visit The Best Places In Spiti Valley At The Best Time!

Do you admire Leh, Ladakh? Yes? Then go experience the Spiti Valley attractions! Weather and vistas are identical in Leh, Ladakh, and Spiti Valley. The Spiti Valley, a frigid desert studded with colourful monasteries, needs no introduction. Indian and Tibetan traditions cohabit here, and tourists are never disappointed, especially during the best time to visit in Spiti valley.

Spiti’s austere beauty is enhanced by the serenity, sunset colours, and deep valleys produced by snow-fed streams. Spiti, in a nutshell, is a destination for magnificent beauty, thrilling adventure activities, and mystical, spiritual encounters.

About Himachal Pradesh’s Spiti

Spiti, Spiti, Spiti! What does Spiti really mean? Because it is located between Tibet and India, the term “Spiti” means “the halfway country.” Spiti Valley (also known as Piti) is a high-altitude valley in Himachal Pradesh, India. The Kunzum La (which means “meeting place for ibex” (a kind of mountain goat)) connects Lahaul and Spiti Valleys.

It gets relatively little rain and a lot of snow due to its placement in the rain shadow of the rocky Zaskar mountain range. As a result, the terrain in the Spiti region of the Lahaul Spiti district is rougher and more challenging to navigate. Spiti in Himachal Pradesh has a highly invasive culture centred on its several monasteries, which include Dhankar, Ki, Tabo, Hikkim, Giu, and others.

The beauty of Spiti is seen only for 4-5 months of the year; the rest of the time, it is hidden by snow. Winters are often spent spinning and weaving layers of cloth and woollen. Spiti encourages climbers, hikers, and intellectuals to explore her pristine land.

Best Time To Visit In Spiti Valley

According to what was said before, the Spiti stays accessible for a limited time, although the ideal time to go there differs from person to person. Some individuals like the chillier temperatures, while others are more outgoing and seek new experiences. As a result, they choose weather that is a bit more comfortable or warmer. Continue reading to learn more about the varied climatic conditions that can be found in the Spiti Valley. In addition, receive additional information about the many types of weather and the benefits and drawbacks associated with each.

NOTE: Before travelling confirm the weather conditions, temperature and other necessary things from your end.

Summer (March-June) 

Best Time To Visit In Spiti Valley

After the harsh and gloomy winter months, this lovely valley begins to lose its white snowy veil in the summer months. Travellers who prefer to avoid the crowd and enjoy the area in solitude begin their journey to Spiti from Shimla.

Summer is the best time to visit in Spiti valley. The days are sunny, clear, and nice enough to spend time taking in the scenery. The evenings are chilly, but they are ideal for camping beneath the magnificently star-lit heavens.

Average Temperature: During the day, temperatures vary from 15°C to roughly 6°C at night.

Pros & Cons of Visiting in Summer


  • Beginning in June, the Spiti Valley is accessible through the scenic Manali road, which is also shorter.
  • If you like to avoid crowds and seek quiet, early March is the ideal time to visit Spiti. Because the Manali route only opens in June, you will encounter less people and will be able to appreciate the serenity.
  • During the summer, the weather is most pleasant. The days are bright and clear, ideal for exploring this stunning location. The excellent weather conditions enable you to participate in adventure activities such as hiking, riding, night camping, and so on.
  • All of the hotels and guesthouses are open throughout the summer, you can have a lot of alternatives based on your preferences and budget.


  • If you want to travel in early March, be prepared for terrible road conditions. Because the snow begins to melt about this time, certain portions may be slippery and broken.
  • The evenings may grow a little cooler, which might be unpleasant for individuals who aren’t accustomed to being cold.

Monsoon (July-October)

Spiti Valley

Spiti, like Ladakh, is a dry chilly desert with little rain, even during the monsoon season. However, the approach roads from Shimla get a lot of rain, resulting in uneven road conditions. You will also need to pass various water crossings, particularly between Batal and Gramphoo.

The valley is engulfed in lovely fall colours of brown and burnt orange, adding to its beauty. The days are lovely and the evenings are chilly, ideal for taking in the beauty of the valley.

Average temperature: The average temperature ranges from 10°C (during the day) to 4°C (at night).

Pros & Cons of Visiting in Monsoon


  • Spiti rarely receives rain, the whole valley is accessible for exploration and taking in the scenery.
  • The weather is delightfully mild and pleasant, allowing for outdoor activities.


  • Expect delays on the approach roads to Spiti due to barricades, landslides, water crossings, and slippery roads. Shooting stones may be encountered in particular areas due to loosened soil caused by rainfall.
  • Because of the rain, your devices and clothing are at danger of being ruined. Make sure to keep them covered and extras on hand.
  • There is always the potential that your car may break down. Always have extra components on hand.
  • This is the season when apples are carried around the nation, you may face traffic delays owing to the large number of trucks on the roadways.

Winter (November-March)

Spiti valley in winter

Every winter, Spiti turns into a beautiful paradise blanketed in powdery-white snow. Frozen lakes, waterfalls, and snow-covered slopes studded with snow leopard pugmarks are familiar sights. Visiting Spiti in the winter is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, particularly for those who appreciate extreme winter pursuits such as snow trekking, frozen waterfall climbing, and seeing the rare snow leopard.

Because of the lack of tourists, the valley is quiet and peaceful. During the winter, Spiti can only be reached from the Shimla side. Because the area is almost landlocked owing to thick snow cover, be prepared for a physically and psychologically challenging journey.

Average Temperature: The average temperatures range from 0°C in the day to around -40°C at night.

Pros & Cons of Visiting in Winter


  • Many tourists do not frequent Spiti during the winter months, making it ideal for anyone seeking mountain tranquilly.
  • For those looking for intense winter experiences, now is the best time to visit Spiti Valley to enjoy winter hikes and possibly catch live snowfall.
  • Wildlife enthusiasts might expect to see snow leopards around this season.


  • During the winter, the weather is exceedingly rough and brutal. Those sensitive to the bone-chilling cold should avoid visiting Spiti in the winter.
  • Almost all hotels, cafés, and marketplaces are closed during the winter. Homestays are your best bet. At this moment, you should not anticipate excellent amenities.
  • Hotels and homestays that are operational will demand outrageous charges. 
  • Due to the severe snow, most roads will be closed or in poor condition. They’re slick from ice, slippery mud, and water crossings.
  • Expect no flowing water due to the sub-zero temperatures. You will have to use dry toilets and be prepared to go for many days without having a bath.
  • During this period, there are power outages. You’ll want to hang out around bonfires or warm kitchens!
  • The valley will shut off, and there will be a lack of energy; the ATMs may be inoperable.
  • Due to the significant snow cover, the phones will only have occasional coverage. 

Do the photos of Spiti Valley wow you? Take control of your photography-obsessed spirit by shooting away at this magnificent Spiti valley by visiting the top 15 places to visit in Spiti Valley. The spectacular Glaciers, which are clothed in pure silvery snow, the stunning mountain valleys, the turquoise waters of the Spiti River, and the rocky hills are among the best sites to visit in Spiti Valley. Furthermore, if you like mountain biking, you should visit at least once. It is something you should not pass up!

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