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Best Places to visit in Canada in winter

What is with snow and Canada? While Canada’s nickname: The Great White North answers it. If you are living in Canada or planning to immigrate to Canada, you get the chance to experience enchanting winters.

Winters in Canada can be exciting not just because of snow but the gorgeous places in winter that make people go winter-wild. This blog will make you pack your bags straight away and enjoy a memorable winter vacation through the stretches of Canada.


Here are the 6 best places to visit in Canada in winter:

  1. Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler is a municipality in British Columbia and people consider it as the Winter Paradise. Few of the 2010 winter Olympics games were held in Whistler. Due to its sizable area, Whistler has several interesting things to do in winter. Here are a few of them:

  • Snowmobiling
  • Peak to Peak Gondola
  • Ice-skiing
  • Snow wall in Blackcomb Mountain
  • Snowshoeing
  • Bobsled sliding centre (constructed for Olympics)

Interestingly winter temperature in British Columbia is relatively high than in other provinces or territories.

  1. Calgary, Alberta

Named after the Scottish place, Calgary means a ‘cold garden’. Calgary is one of the famous cities in Canada with a buzzy cultural life. Here are a few places to visit here:

  • Experience breath-taking views of the snow spread city from Calgary observation tower
  • Enjoy ice skating at Prince’s Island Park or Bowness Park
  • Have fun sliding over the snows in Acura Tube Park
  • Visit Big Winter Classic filled with music, dance and more.

And Calgary city has tons of other festivities and activities in winter.

  1. Lake Louise, Alberta

Known for its stunning turquoise coloured water, Lake Louise in winter has such a magical view. With the lake starting to freeze in mid-November you may ice-skate over the frozen lake retaining its colour and as days pass you will witness a good amount of snowfall and the place turns into a white snow-land. Here are a few things to do in and around Lake Louise:

  • Experience a thrill-filled Ice-climbing in Johnston Canyon
  • Hike your way up to the Fairview Lookout
  • Go ice-skating on Lake Louise
  • Enjoy the offbeat ice-skiing and snowboarding
  • Visit the bonny display of ice sculptures and ice castles

Now if you have done all of this, relax on a sleigh ride in the slushy snow.

  1. Banff Downtown, Alberta

One of the first and the best national parks, Banff National Park’s massive area and the adventurous things to do; in and around the park will make your trip memorable. Here are a few activities in Banff:

  • Get into a gondola and ride to the Sulphur mountains and witness majestic views of the Canadian Rockies.
  • Go on a short walk to the Two Jack Lake for ice-skating and snowshoeing
  • Capture aesthetic sunrise at Mountain Castle

With all said and done, sit by Abraham Lake to see the frozen methane bubbles in awe!

  1. Toronto, Ontario

For those who love the city and it and glitzy nightlife, Toronto is the best place. This city in Ontario has a good density of people and obviously has lots of places to enjoy the winter. If you have immigrated to Canada and live nearby Toronto, your winters will make your days. Let me list out some intriguing things to do in Toronto:

  • Skate at Nathan Phillips Square by the lights of city hall
  • Have thrills by tobogganing with your family and friends
  • The gripping Toronto Islands is a fortune nearby by the city
  • To satisfy the nature-lover in you, visit Humber Valley and Crothers Woods.
  • Visit and click photographs of the famous flat iron building

And that’s not it, Toronto winter festivals are something you shouldn’t miss!

  1. Niagara Falls, Ontario

One cannot stop watching the ever-rushing Niagara Falls and its rich coloured water. While you might have visited them in summer, visiting them in winter will give you a surprise. The mist and spray freeze due to cold forming a crust of ice over the water, giving us an illusion of a frozen Niagara Falls.

Having said that there are other impressive things to do near Niagara Falls:

  • Visit the colourful Winter festival of lights during the winter nights.
  • Enjoy the diverse music and art in Winters Fall Music
  • Don’t miss the stunning Winter Niagara Falls firework show lighting up the winter sky
  • Enjoy the Journey behind Niagara Falls and witness the other side of the falls

Finally, while you depart find your way to the Skylon Tower. Stand in the observation tower and relish the insane beauty of Niagara Falls and the city.

To sum it up; Canada has a plethora of places to visit in the winter. You may end up finding interesting places in any nook and corner of the country. Exciting activities do include Ice skating, ice-skiing, snowboarding and so on. This blog might have missed out on many other exciting winter places to visit because Canada is a huge country and enlisting the places to visit in winter in a nutshell, is nearly impossible.

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada any time now during the winter, then you are fortunate to enjoy the beautiful snow. If you are still looking for legitimate and best Canadian immigration consultants, contact CanApprove Consultancy Services. Being a multinational organisation providing immigration and overseas education services for about 23 years, CanApprove can make your dreams of moving to Canada a vivace reality.

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