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Best 8 Ways To Boost Amazon Conversion Rate

Amazon conversion rates are an important issue if you wish to rank highly in Amazon results. Be aware that Amazon SEO allows users to look at your Amazon product’s webpage and then the conversion rate transforms customers into visitors.

If you are looking to make a profit selling on Amazon and make it a success, Amazon SEO is not new to you. However, it is important to understand that greater visibility is not the only factor that matters on Amazon.

Top 8 Tips for increasing Amazon Conversion rate

Before beginning, keep in mind that your customer is scared of making the wrong choice. Anything that lessens the fear of making a mistake will boost the conversion rate, and in turn your sales.

1. Images on your product description:

The consumer doesn’t have the chance to interact with the product to turn it upside down or look it over. 

The only way to communicate with the consumer is the image. Therefore any image that aids shoppers overcome doubt and apprehension about buying is a successful image.

This is why poor images equal poor conversion rates.

If you’re using photography and images in your product listings You must have various types of images for your products.

2. Keywords:

Make sure you include your keywords in your product’s title, description, and bullet points. This is a crucial selling point for Amazon sellers. Keywords should be relevant to the product to ensure that customers buy.

If you are using irrelevant keywords buyers will see that your product isn’t one they’re looking for, and they won’t purchase it. And, even more, important is that they’ll purchase the product and then take it back, and it can cost you quite a bit.

Know your audience and be fluent in the language of your target group. 

If you can utilize the Amazon a+ Content or Enhance Brand Content use it. Anything that makes your customers feel comfortable about your selling page has the potential of improving the conversion rate.

3. Reviews:

Customers simply want to see what other buyers like

The rule of thumb is that when you’ve reached 10 reviews, you’ll notice a dramatic increase in conversion rates. If you surpass 100 reviews, you’ll experience an additional boost. 

Once you’ve reached 10,000 or 1,000 reviews it won’t matter so much. Also, the more reviews that you’ve got the higher the conversion rate.

Four stars below can be a major deterrent to conversion Above 4.5 – 5 is excellent. Try to keep your reviews at or above 4 stars. 

You should be able to provide at least 10 reviews of every product listing. If you do not have any of these, then strive to earn these.

4. Amazon badges:

You can earn various Amazon badges such as Bestseller, Amazon’s choice as well as Amazon Prime.

The most significant badge Amazon offers is the choice badge. You can be awarded it if you are among the top sellers in your field or are the top seller in a particular search term.

Amazon prime is crucial when competing against the other vendors on Amazon. Certain Prime customers only purchase from sellers that have the Amazon Prime badge. Therefore, acquiring any or all of them will increase your conversion rates dramatically.

5. Amazon FBA:

FBA is the abbreviation used to mean: ” Fulfillment by Amazon“. Sellers that are listed on Amazon and who offer products or services can choose to either deliver products directly to customers or make use of Amazon’s Amazon shipment service.

Advantages of Amazon FBA:

One of the major benefits is the fact that Amazon prepares and separately delivers orders. Returns are dealt with separately. The FBA seller can transfer the logistics of his business to Amazon.

Additionally, you can begin selling on Amazon right away no matter the scale of your company.

Furthermore, FBA sellers benefit from an improved listing and can sell their goods across the majority of EU marketplaces. This means the likelihood of getting new customers is very high.

If you’re not FBA enabled in your listing, it’s tough to compete on Amazon and is an effective way to reduce conversion. No one wants to wait seven days to receive their product from you, they’d rather get it by the next day or within two days. This is the reason you should get FBA enabled.

6. Amazon Advertising:

Amazon Advertising is a service that functions similar to ads that pay-per-click on Google (PPC) which means that sellers pay only when customers click on the advertisements.

The most popular kind of Amazon ad is Sponsored Products. Sponsored items not only boost the visibility of your business but also provide information about the search habits of your customers.

Reports on ads help you learn more about your customers. By studying the reports from your ads, you will be able to identify the search terms or keywords people are using to search for your service.

Not all keywords perform well. 3 indicators to judge the effectiveness of a term are the Click-through Rate (CTR) and sales and conversion rates.

Keywords that share the same subject matter can perform differently.

7. Pricing:

Sometimes, sellers must think about cutting prices even if the cut to the margin causes pain to the business, it is important to consider whether this could raise the CR.

A high conversion rate can be useful to improve Amazon’s ranking as well as for building reviews. The search for the lowest price shouldn’t be the only tool to adjust the optimization of conversion rates however it’s worth a try.

Be sure to keep an eye on your competition, check the prices they’re selling, and then adjust your pricing according to the market. Do not be the highest priced or the least expensive, aim to find a middle ground. 

Therefore, you must constantly check the cost of your products when compared with your leading competitors.

8. Create an email sequence to follow up:

Create an E-mail sequence that follows up with your customers once they have received your product and will then send emails to your customers after they’ve purchased your product from Amazon.

You could offer a slit discount on other products to get your customers back to try any other product. Keep in mind that these will be top-quality clients because they’ve experienced your product and will have one in their hands which means they are aware of the high quality that your item offers. The traffic you receive from them will perform better than the normal traffic that comes via search engines.

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