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Best 10 Cool Activities For School Trips in China

Best 10 Cool Activities For School Trips in China

China is filled with cool things to do on school excursions. Alongside visiting all the top attractions in China it is possible to decide to incorporate some of these exciting activities to make your trip truly unique. We believe that a memorable, exciting trip should be both entertaining and educational. We believe that an amazing genuine travel experience extends beyond the most popular tourist attractions and allows you to be able to truly connect with the people who have different customs and traditions of the area you’re traveling to. The Chinese name generator can be used to generate Chinese names.

Cool Activities For School Trips

1. Going on a Treasure Hunt in the Forbidden City of Beijing, Beijing

The Forbidden City was China’s imperial palace between 1420 and 1911 AD. This huge complex is situated at the northern end of Tiananmen Square, which is located in the center of Beijing. Beyond the fortifications towering above, there is an intricate loop of halls, squares, and gates. As well as pavilions, sleeping quarters, and temples. It’s one of the most famous places worth visiting in China.

The majority of visitors wander around the complex on their own. As well as with an accompanying guide to provide more of an educational experience. At CET we do not just offer a guide, but also make the experience more enjoyable and engaging. When you’re exploring CET’s complex, with your tour guide be sure you pay attention to what the guide has to say as he/she is dropping clues about the tales, history, and legends that surround the city. You’ll have to collect these clues to complete your treasure hunt. After the journey, the participants will be divided into teams to complete the task of the treasure hunt. 

2. Campsites at the Great Wall, Beijing

The Great Wall is without a doubt one of the most recognizable images of China and perhaps the world at large. Going to the Great Wall is a dream of many visitors. It’s an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experience that is not only going to the wall (usually it’s a restored section) but rather staying the night in the original, unrestored section. The unrestored section will be hiked beginning at Jinshanling to Gubeikou and then establish your camp in one of the Gubeikou sections for a single night. We’ll assign a knowledgeable guide to lead the hike and will share stories that are not widely known and Wall history throughout the hike. In the evening, your guide assists in setting up the tents and will cook breakfast and dinner.

3. As a Panda Keeper for a single day in Chengdu

Chengdu is the home of Chengdu is home to Giant Panda and the only location in the world where you can observe pandas in large numbers in reputable panda parks (with just over 1800 pandas remaining outside in nature, it’s almost impossible to view the wild Giant Pandas). The panda parks located in Chengdu give visitors the best chance to see pandas living in their native environment and help in panda conservation efforts. 

Additionally, they’re among the very few places around the world where you can observe young pandas. If you want to have the most intimate interaction with these gentle giants take a look at becoming a Panda Keeper for the day. You’ll cook food, feed pandas get close to them, assist keep enclosures clean, and help the keepers who are full-time with tasks. After the day is over you’ll be awarded the certificate that demonstrates your efforts. You have the option of choosing between two pandas centers: Dujiangyan Panda Center, approximately a one-hour drive from Chengdu, and Wolong Panda Centre, which is about 3 hours away from Chengdu.

4. Study Sichuan opera and enjoy a “Face changing” show in Chengdu

Alongside seeing dozens of pandas, another attraction of Chengdu is watching a classic and amazing “Face Change” show in Sichuan. It is becoming more well-known in various talent show competitions, these shows have people changing costumes or masks in such a rapid manner that it seems like you’re in a magical show. 

We’re able to arrange a workshop to educate you about this fascinating, original and traditional art form. In the course, you’ll be taught how to apply facial makeup to masks, and learn how to wear and change costumes. Also, you’ll be taught a few lines from Sichuan opera by a proficient teacher of opera and then you’ll be treated to the “face-changing performance” in the theater.

5. Climbing on rocks in Yangshuo

Yangshuo located in the southern part of China close to Guilin is China’s hot spot for outdoor pursuits, specifically climbing rocks. The area is known for its numerous limestone cliffs and subtropical climate which allows climbers all-year-round access. It offers over 400 climbs of varying difficulty levels ranging in difficulty from 5.6 up to 5.14. Photos and views from the summit of the routes can be breathtaking. We’ll supply all the required equipment and a knowledgeable guide to ensure you have a safe trip and enjoy it.

6. Kayaking in Yangshuo

It is said that the Li River in the Guilin region is among the most stunning river systems in China along with the limestone mountain ranges around it that have inspired generations of Chinese artists. Kayaking is a fantastic method to see the stunning Li River scenery. As you cruise along this river you’ll have first-hand experience of the local lifestyle, including water buffaloes in fields of rice traditional fishermen, and farmers from the area tending to crops.

7. Help construct a pigpen for the village residents

The pig farming industry is the primary livelihood for the people living in the south-central region of Guizhou. The villagers in the area cultivate corn and harvest trees from nearby mountains. To provide food for their livestock. To earn more they must increase the number of pigs they raise, and to do this, they must construct more pig pens. Volunteer to help them. You’ll be working alongside local villagers with our translator/guide, and have access to actual village farmers. From whom you’ll gain insight into their views of their lives and the world. You’ll also get a glimpse of what life in the village is like.

8. Hiking route from Xidi village all the way to Hongcun village

These two UNESCO villages that are Xiding in China and Hongcun are connected via a 5.1 mile (8.2 km) hike. It was a highly sought-after trade route for local traders 1000 years ago. When the majority of people chose to trade and business as a profession instead of farming due to the lack of agricultural land. They were referred to as “Hui Merchants” and were renowned for their business acumen and honesty. The stories you read about will reveal how Hui merchants were so well-known and respected throughout China.

9. Glass-Bottom Bridge over the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

If you are a fan of mind-blowing views and a touch of adrenaline, all at a secure modern, unique, and modern viewpoint this is the ideal thing for you. Recently constructed, the glass-bottom bridge. That spans the 990-foot (300-meter) long canyon that runs between two cliffs of the breathtaking Zhangjiajie Park. That is the world’s most impressive glass-bottomed bridge. 

Zhangjiajie Park is famous for its stunning scenery, particularly the cloud-shrouded mountains which appear to be floating. It’s a sight that was the inspiration for the floating mountains in Avatar. The bridge is 20 feet (6-meters) in length and currently has the highest bungee leap in the world (another adrenaline-inducing activity that you can try here) and also serves as a runway for fashion shows. A simple walk on the bridge can be an unforgettable experience.

10. Heart-pumping, gobsmacking Changkong Plank Road on Mt. Hua

Mt. Hua (or Huashan), is located in central Huayin county. Which is about 70 miles (120 km) east of Xi’an It is among the world’s most gruesome wooden pathways in the world. Which hangs precariously on the edge of a cliff that is a staggering 1,000 feet (350mt) high cliff. The (optional alternative, off-the-beaten-path) pathway. Which is known as”the Changkong Plank Road, is undoubtedly an adrenaline-inducing wood path in the world. 

The planks measure just 1 foot (30 centimeters) wide and therefore need visitors to walk slowly and cautiously. Safety harnesses and ropes are accessible and are recommended. The other side of the mountain has many fun (normal) walking trails and secret Taoist temples, and stunning views.


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