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BEE certification for a ceiling fan, how to obtain it

Nowadays, even if you’re a producer of something as simple as a ceiling fan, you should make it more electrically efficient. BEE certification, the certificate that you need to obtain on a mandatory basis, gives your ceiling fan a star rating – informing you of its electrical efficiency.

In this article, you’ll learn about how to obtain BEE certification for a ceiling fan in India.

Why do you need to BEE certification for a ceiling fan?

Once upon a time, BEE certificates and star ratings were nothing more than “buzzwords” – reserved only for high-end appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners. However, now, the times have changed. As India is striving for more electrical efficiency, the government has put many products under mandatory certification, including something as innocuous as a ceiling fan. That being said, there is a good reason for doing so:

  • People have multiple ceiling fan: Ceiling fans are the most economical way to keep a room cooler. An aspect that makes people install many of them at their houses. It causes increased energy consumption.
  • Advanced ceiling fans: New ceiling fans are faster and then are capable of directing more air than before, causing concern in the government about their efficiency.

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That’s why, BEE certification for ceiling fan is a necessity.

Steps to obtain BEE certification for a ceiling fan?

The steps to obtain BEE certificate or star rating for a fan is as follows:

  • Get the BEE registration for the brand of the ceiling fan:
    • Go the official BEE certification portal
    • Register and login
    • Go to your dash board and fill the brand certification form
    • Once you’ve filled the form, another tab titled “model” will be opened.
  • Get the BEE certification or star rating for a model:
    • Click on the model tab
    • Select the category of product you want the star rating for
    • Select Ceiling fan
    • Enter the details about the model as mentioned in the application form
    • Submit the application
    • Download the printout of the filled application form
    • Submit the application form to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency of your region after attaching it with the below mentioned documents:
      • Sample of the product
      • BIS certification of the ceiling fan
      • Test report of the ceiling fan from an NABL accredited lab
      • Agreement

After you’ve submitted the physical copies of the document, the BEE starts assessing your application. if it finds any errors with the way you’ve filed the application form or presented the documents, you might face an objection. Don’t worry. That objection is almost eminent. To deal with them, you would need a BEE certification consultant – someone to file the application on your behalf.

Once all the requirements are met, the application is accepted, you’ll obtain the BEE certificate for your product within the next 30 days.

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In case you don’t, you can reach out to Registrationwala, we can help you track down your application form and assist you in further matters associated with BEE registration.

This article explains to you how to obtain BEE certification for a ceiling fan. If you want further details, reach out to Registrationwala.

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