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Bedroom renovation with Wingback Beds

Renovating the bedroom becomes a necessity from the moment you start to sigh when you wake up in the morning. The color of the walls, although you once liked it, now seems fairy, and the whole room has a gloomy air, which does not invite you at all to greet the new day with a smile on your face. To renovate, you have to renovate, you don’t have much escape, but the changes you will make depend, to a large extent, on the available budget.

Suppose you do not want to waste a lot of time with the works, and that no major interventions are needed on window shredding, electrical installation or parquet. Even if you do not have to make complex repairs, you still want to add a little more personality to the Wingback Beds and turn it into a more sophisticated room or, conversely, a room with a holiday atmosphere, depending on your preferences. your. Here’s how to quickly renovate your bedroom on a budget:

Paint the walls and ceiling

The easiest way to refresh the decor of a room is to change the color of the walls and ceiling. You can do this either by simply painting them with ecological paint (with low VOC content – volatile organic compounds) or with natural, non-toxic paint, in light shades or even plain white.

In small bedrooms , white is the ideal color that reflects enough light to create the feeling of more spacious space. In addition, white comes in several shades, and cream white, ivory white or white with a blue tint is perfect in a room dedicated to relaxation. But paint is not the only right finish in the Wingback Beds. You can also opt for natural fiber or even paper wallpaper , because you don’t have much traffic here and there is no risk of it getting dirty too quickly.

Change the headboard

If the Wingback Beds and mattress you have are still in good condition, there is no point in investing in new ones. You can, however, give the impression of a new bed by simply replacing its headboard.

Choose a color that will contrast nicely with the white of the walls or with any other color you used in the end for the finishes. Opt for an upholstered headboard if you prefer a classic decor, for a wooden one for a rustic decor or for one with white painted metal bars, if you want to create a vintage or shabby chic atmosphere.

Decorate the bed

Bed linen, blankets and pillows are essential elements in any bedroom, not only because of their practical role, but also because they have a considerable visual impact. Apart from curtains and rugs, these are the only fabrics that give a tactile dimension to the bedroom environment.

Choose quality cotton bedding, and try to harmonize their print or colors with the design of the room. Opt for bed linen with floral prints if you want to give a rustic or romantic air to the bedroom, and limit yourself to the monochrome ones in classic, Scandinavian or minimalist bedrooms.

You can also add decorative pillows placed either on top of each other or in front of each other. Combine various prints with solid shades and make sure that the pillow arrangement does not exceed the bed sheet.

Add seating

Even if you have a large and Wingback Beds, you do not always want to sit on it. Maybe you want to read something, without relaxing so much as to fall asleep, or maybe you want to incorporate some color spots in the decor.

Find out how to choose some fluff and floor cushions and complete the ambiance of the bedroom with some practical and charming places to sit. If you opt for some stools with storage spaces, you will also be able to use them as bedside tables or to keep pillows and blankets.

Provide adequate lighting

Even if you spend most of your time sleeping in the bedroom, you still need to add a few light fixtures and make sure the curtains and drapes give you privacy and also let the light in unhindered when you want to energize yourself quickly. in the morning with a sunbath.

The lighting in the bedroom should create a relaxing atmosphere, but also allow you to perform various activities (reading, tidying, etc.). Install transparent curtains and opaque curtains on the windows , decorate the ceiling with a ceiling light as the main source of light and add lamps on either side of the bed.

Do not forget to decorate the wall next to the bed with a painting or an ornament with a unique texture, made of fur, leather or wood, which attracts the eye and attracts the touch. The soft and fluffy carpet, positioned in such a way that you can put your feet on it every morning, should not be missing either.

Renovating the bedroom means more than some decorative changes, it means an improvement of the aesthetics of the room and the creation of a complete sensory experience.

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