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Automate Hiring Process for ReactJS Developers – Consider These 6 Tools

Business success is determined by a strong online presence. This is why it is important to locate developers, particularly those who can enhance the front-end of your site. They will work towards collaborating with the different teams in the organization, namely the tech and design teams to ensure brand interpretation becomes easy. This is followed by channeling their code knowledge, UX sensibility, and so on, to transport your business ahead.

While talking about the front-end, one that is quite popular is ReactJS. It is due to the support it provides in building user interfaces that are based on UI components.

In the lines below, I introduce you to the ReactJS framework and the reasons why the framework has achieved so much popularity. Thereafter, I will list down the factors responsible for the growing demand for ReactJS development services, and the ReaactJS developer. Last, I will list down the steps organizations can follow while hiring these professionals. This will include the six tools that can be used for this purpose. Using these you can make your hiring journey easier.

Introducing You to ReactJS

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library. Created by Facebook in 2013, the library is best for a single webpage or mobile app.

Also worth stating here is, that the library is used for building interactive user interfaces. These include on-screen menus, search bars, and so on that users use mostly for interacting with a website or an app.

Having an idea now on the library, let me now list down the reasons why it is so much in demand after all.

Reasons for the Popularity of ReactJS Development Services

Boosts Development Speed

This is a boon in disguise for developers. Using this library, developers can channel individual parts of their app across the client and the server-side both. This helps to accelerate the overall pace of development.

Saves Time

Time is money. This is something the library makes sure to achieve always. Since the code is easy to maintain, and flexible due to its overall module structure, therefore two areas become easy to achieve- one time, and, second, most important the cost to the business.

Easy to Learn

To make it big in ReactJS, some basic knowledge of JavaScript is what developers need. The intricacies of the framework can be grasped by an expert JavaScript developer in just a matter of two days.

Alongside these advantages, others that have been specifically responsible for the popularity of this library are-

  • Delivers high-quality UI that keeps users engaged with the app for a long time
  • Allows better code maintenance and growth. This helps to boost the level of productivity during app development
  • Reduces page load time for a page to support businesses achieve the first rank on the Google Search Engine Result Page.

Thus, observing these factors listed above, and since almost all the fortune 500 companies like Airbnb, Tesla, etc use this, therefore the demand for the ReactJS developer has gone up too.

However, finding the best professional is a time-consuming affair. To make this easy, I have brought forth the six best tools that make the hiring journey a seamless one.

6 Amazing Tools You Can Use to Locate a ReactJS Developer for Your Firm


Image Source – killercoder.io

A leading testing platform, KillerCoder will aid you in enhancing your efficiency when you hire a ReactJS developer. You can select from different packages present on the site- free, business, and enterprise, the one you feel is best for your hiring. Next, you can create tests on your own; or utilize the site to develop one best for you.

This is one that I especially recommend due to the reasons below-

  1. Saves time by helping you locate the ideal developer
  2. Enhances the quality of hires you make
  3. Provides you the flexibility to create a test of your own


Image Source – codingame.com

Implementing gamification, CodinGame conducts assessments to evaluate the skills of the developers. Including features like game-based assessment tests, live collaborative coding interviews, etc; it helps employers to retain talented developers.

Other reasons why this tool is so popular are-

  1. Presence of test wizard to create customized online coding test
  2. Assessment reports that help non-tech recruiters to shortlist the employees to suit their needs
  3. Gamified test sessions to ensure unique candidate experience

Hence, if not used yet; use the tool to enhance the headhunting journey, and find a ReactJS developer who matches your requirements.


Image Source – adaface.com

Looking for a candidate possessing the best on-the-job skills? Adaface makes this simple for you. Used by enterprises such as PayPal, Amazon, etc. this tool helps to make the overall hiring journey pleasant and unique for employers.

Empowered with tests like- questions for on-the-job skills, questions to test conversational skills, etc; you can headhunt the right person for a job in your organization.

Coming in different packages like individual, starter, and pro, use this tool today. Join forces with 1200+ companies to ensure you can automate your employee hiring journey.


Image Source – hackerrank.com

Matching developers with great companies, HackerRank is a unique tool. It assists companies in headhunting the perfect ReactJS developer. It also helps the developer to enhance coding skills, and get ready for interviews seamlessly.

This is another tool I recommend because of the factors listed below-

  • Helps to go beyond the resume of candidates
  • Saves time for employers as the tool helps to filter out unqualified candidates
  • Keeps quality of hires at par always

Hence, use this tool for your employee headhunting journey and observe a difference in the overall hiring and screening journey.


Image Source – devskiller.com

Coming fifth in the list of top six technical assessment tools for headhunting the perfect ReactJS developer, DevSkiller helps employers to assess and locate the perfect tech talent. Channeled using the RealLifeTesting methodology, it becomes a cakewalk for developers to locate the right team of professionals for your organization.

Some unique features that make this tool standout are-

  1. Talent Score to make it easy to assess tech skills in a seamless way
  2. Talent Boost to support employees in upskilling themselves in modern tech roles.

So, channel this tool to your hiring advantage and observe a transformation. Make it a cakewalk to find the right candidate for your organization.


Image Source – codility.com

Last, Codility helps organizations test the developers’ coding skills. Next, it provides them with the flexibility to make evidence-based hiring decisions seamlessly.

As the tool supports organizations with solutions that allow employers to test the programming skills of employers in real-time, it becomes a seamless task to enhance efficiency while performing the task of hiring. It simultaneously goes on to aid in building a team enriched with diversity.

All this goes a great deal in saving a great amount of time, especially for interview conduction and so on, thereby boosting productivity to a great extent.

Wrapping Up

Productivity is something organizations work towards boosting to the greatest level. Employers in particular also work towards looking for ways that can help enhance their efficiency. To achieve this, it is necessary to use tools that can automate this area.

Especially when working in a tech setting, it becomes even more significant to inculcate these solutions. This is particularly if in pursuit of a ReactJS developer. Using them for your ReactJS development company will go a great deal in scaling up your business by giving you access to a team of professionals who are the best in front-end development services.

Hence, use these tech stacks in your hiring journey and make it a unique and streamlined one, to wash away irrelevant profiles immediately!

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