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All You Need To Know About Booking A Local Train Ticket Online

What does train ticket booking mean to us?

  • It is a book having tickets allowing a specified amount of traveling or an exact number of trips between designated points used particularly for commuter travel. Moreover, Local train ticket booking has two things: the Can/Mod system, which means cancel or modify. 
  • The railway reservation system simplifies the passengers to query about the trains obtainable based on source and destination, booking and termination of tickets, query about the status of the booked ticket, etc.
  • Likewise, some more benefits have been developed, like IRCTC. IRCTC is a next-generation E-Ticketing system through which various State Government’s Advisories have been provided on IRCTC websites. A modernized face of train travel in new India is IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation). First and foremost, it is a platform where you book your train tickets online apart from scheduling your holidays, ordering meals, and booking train tourism packages. IRCTC primes online train ticket bookings and provide I-tickets that are only regular tickets booked online and conveyed to your doorstep through the post. 
  • IRCTC has become very useful nowadays, so you can access it anywhere you want. All you need to do is search for the IRCTC website and book tickets as per your necessity.

Let’s discuss more booking a local train ticket in-depth so as to gain intelligence, to help others, and gather knowledge.

Steps/Process for local train ticket booking –

  • For booking a train ticket through the Indian Railways booking counter, you have to stop over at the nearest railway station.
  • Stand in the long queue if it rises. No extra charges on the ticket.
  • The Fair of a ticket depends on how long a journey you have decided to surmount.
  • And there you go, now you are good to travel.

Advantages of booking local train tickets offline –

  • No system glitch happens
  • No extra charge requires
  • There is no extra amount to be paid to the agent if we directly book from the counter.

Disadvantages of booking local train tickets offline –

  • Server down can happen anytime
  • Standing in a long queue can irritate someone sometimes.
  • Too much gathering upsurges
  • Sometimes we miss our train just because we are standing in a queue at a railway counter to book our ticket. 

As we all know that advanced technologies have made everything tranquil that we can access anything from the desk at home, it is equally essential for us to know that there are many other ways to book local train tickets.

There are three ways to book a ticket –

  1. Offline Mode
  2. Online Mode
  3. Through App

We have come across knowing the mode of booking local train tickets offline now. Let’s dig into two other modes: online mode and through the app. 

Online Train ticket booking materializes only for those traveling for long-distance routes like from Kolkata – Delhi, Delhi – Mumbai, and many other states. For this kind of booking, IRCTC comes to the rescue. 


IRCTC has four primary revenue sources –

  1. Catering
  2. Online Ticketing
  3. Travel and Tourism
  4. Packaged Drinking Water


  • IRCTC provides catering services in Railway Stations and trains.
  • For long-run trains, they have pantry cars to provide food to the passengers.
  • Generally, in the long run, train food supply options are significantly less, so IRCTC provides catering for the passengers. 
  • In IRCTC, 55% of revenue in 2019 is only generated by catering services. 

Online Ticketing:-

  • For Railways, IRCTC is being authorized for online ticketing.
  • IRCTC also provides online Air ticketing.
  • 70% of online train tickets are booked from IRCTC.
  • Through IRCTC, 2.5 crore transactions are made per month.
  • The Online Ticketing Industry has doubled up in the past five years.
  • In IRCTC, no extra convenience charge is required for online air ticketing.

Travel and Tourism:-

  • IRCTC depending on their cities they create different kind of tour packages.
  • For particular luxury train purposes, IRCTC provides tour packages.
  • IRCTC also provides Tejas Expressway.
  • In 2019, IRCTC’s business increased by 10.1% through Travel and Tourism.
  • 23.38% of revenue has been generated through this segment.

Packaged Drinking Water:-

  • For IRCTC, 9.28% of revenue is generated by packaged drinking water.
  • This segment is growing so fast now it is generating a vast % of revenues.
  • IRCTC has its monopoly on selling packaged drinking water in railway stations and trains.
  • For instance, If we talk about IRCTC expenses throughout the year, in 2015, it was 927 Crore, but in 2019 it increases up to 1518 Crore.

 Similarly, if we talk about IRCTC profitability of finances, here are some results –

  • 2015 – 130 Crore
  • 2016 – 197 Crore
  • 2017 – 214 Crore
  • 2018 – 219 Crore
  • 2019 – 305 Crore

There are some opportunities and risks too. IRCTC can expand its business more steadily due to its superpower monopoly. IRCTC does not have any competitors. Indian railways especially authorized IRCTC for catering, online ticketing, travel and tourism, and packaged drinking water, and for this reason, IRCTC is a monopoly. Product and service quality can be a risk factor for IRCTC. IRCTC revenues mainly come from the catering segment, and if any competitor arrives in the market, it will be a risk factor.

So these are some ways to book reservation tickets online.

Now, let’s go through the concept of booking local train tickets through the app. 

It came pretty easy to book train tickets through the app. The hassle-free and tension-free solution is UTS App. 

The Process to book online local train ticket –

  1. First, install the UTS app on your mobile phone, and then you can see this type of interface.
  2. Book ticket 
  3. Cancel ticket 
  4. Booking History 
  5. R- Wallet  
  6. Profile 
  7. Show Booked Ticket 
  8. Help 

Register your account, then access this interface and book a ticket through this app. You have to pay online and get a printed ticket in this mode. 

Advantages –

  • Hassle-free
  • It Saves time and effort
  • You can book or cancel tickets sitting in the ease of your home.
  • You can save the time required to travel to the railway reservation office and wait in the queue for your turn. 

Disadvantages –

  • You require internet access for this.
  • Steadfast internet access is mandatory to check reservations and add bookings over the phone.
  • You needed to be ready for an incursion of new customers

By far, we concluded that there are some good deeds and evil deeds in booking a local train ticket with all of this information. 

Sometimes, online booking becomes beneficial, sometimes offline becomes beneficial too, but now through the app, it has become more extravagant to access quickly.

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