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Advertising Agencies are Offering Printing Services in Pakistan

According to international news Advertising and marketing in the 21st century are quite different than they used to be previously. Back then print, television, and radio were the most important mediums and the most used also. With the rise of digital marketing, things changed for the better in advertising companies. Now, not only do the agencies have to provide the best printing services but also the best digital marketing services. Many best hospitals in Pakistan are also moving towards advertising agencies. To enhance the reach of patients towards their hospitals for better treatment

Digital is here but so is print

When digital media first started getting popular among the masses. Nobody thought that it would become the ultimate medium for different kinds of online marketing and advertising. But soon we were able to witness this transition. Many companies jumped on the bandwagon. And started allocating separate budgets for their digital marketing budgets along with the conventional. 

Advertising companies also invested in separate digital marketing teams and departments because they realized they cannot continue their work without investing in digital marketing and this decision was fruitful for most and especially for those who gave digital a priority and considered it a potentially serious marketing channel.

Of course, at the start, it was hard to imagine the success or the potential of social media for marketing and advertising purposes. But now, we are well aware of its importance. This, however, does not mean that other marketing channels that are conventional in nature are obsolete. Television is still a very important part of conventional marketing along with print.

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Importance of print media

Print cannot lose its importance because it leaves an impact that stays with the audience or the consumer. There are so many ads on TV, on social media but that does not mean that print has lost its importance. Print is still one of the most expensive marketing and advertising mediums right besides Television and Outdoor.

Importance of newspapers and hardcovers

Even in 2021 where we have access to news and ads on our smartphones and other devices, there are still people who prefer reading from a hard copy like top Urdu news in Pakistan from newspapers. They like to read it and look at different ads and keep them safe which is not quite easy on digital devices and on Television where one ad appears and disappears later on.

The relevancy

Being a company that provides printing services in Pakistan, we are aware of the importance it still holds amidst the rise of social media. Print media is still a preferred choice for many government departments. For mass awareness campaigns that are designed for far-flung areas. Where internet services are not readily available.

Catering to different generations

We still have people from older generations who are not quite a tech savvy and prefer to read their morning newspapers with a hot cup of tea or coffee. And most of this generation is still the decision-maker in a standard Pakistani household and thus multiple ads have an impact on them and can affect sales.

Why is print still relevant?

There are many other reasons that print is still relevant in the 21st century and would remain so for a long time in the future. Digital devices may have access to mass information but there are limitations to it. People who are fond of reading newspapers can never fully enjoy it on a laptop. Or any other digital device due to many reasons like readability issues, difficult-to-read fonts, and so on. Whereas in the case of a newspaper, they know what to expect. Also, get to enjoy the feel of holding a newspaper in hand. Hospitals in Multan are using print advertising strategies along with digital marketing.

The routine is dear

Reading a newspaper is also a part of their routine. And this generation enjoys following a set routine. It might be difficult for generation Z. But the attachment to hardback books and newspapers, magazines, etc. is very valuable to the older generations.


So, while realizing the importance of the latest marketing channels we are still attached to our roots. Providing the best printing services in Pakistan. Our aim is to stay relevant for both eras and bring out campaigns for our clients. That is effective on both conventional and digital media. This lets us experiment around and also have a sure shot at what we already know. Advertising and marketing today have to be a mix of both and we are lucky enough to realize it in time.

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