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7 Important Tips For Keeping The Food Hot

Whether you run a restaurant, host a party, or plan a picnic, keeping your food hot till serving can be hard, especially in winters. In most cases, you have to keep that food hot without electricity. But how do you do it? in this article, we will tell you about some of the easiest ways you can keep your food warm, so you can have a hot meal whenever and wherever you want.


There is a number of kitchen appliances you can use for keeping your food warm, such as an oven, pressure cooker and pizza hot holding cabinets. Let your cooker preheat before transferring your food and keep the setting warm. Slow cookers are best for keeping foods like soups, sauces or curries hot till served. 


You can keep your large dishes, such as roast, meat or steaks in an oven at the temperature of 200 degrees. Set the pan on the middle rack of the oven and keep it still serving. However, it is to make sure that the temperature must be low, otherwise, you could burn your food or make it dry. 

Use Hot Water

It is another good way to keep the foods in pans or pots warm. You have to fill the large pan with water and set the pan on the stove. Keep the flame medium-low. The temperature of the water should be around 160-degree F. Now place the pot or pan of food in the middle of the hot water. You can keep the food pot in the water for as long as you want and replace the evaporated water with hot water. Keep stirring your food to avoid burning or sticking.

Use Aluminium Foil And Towels

Aluminium foils are the best tool to wrap the food and keep it warm enough to enjoy at the time. Wrap the container of your food in a thick foil, or you can create multiple layers. Then wrap it in a towel. It is the easiest way and doesn’t require electricity. Aluminium foil traps the heat and steam and keeps your food hot for a longer period, while towels are good insulators and stop the heat from escaping into the air. You can use more than 1 towel to completely wrap your food till serving.

Use Cooler

Coolers are usually being used to keep the food or drinks cold. However, we can use the same insulation to keep our food warm. Coolers stop the transferring of the heat outside and can keep your food warm for longer. It is still a better idea to wrap your food container in aluminium foil and then place it inside the cooler. It is another easy way which doesn’t require electricity.

Use Food Warmer

Electric food warmers are great appliances you must have. These are easy to set up. However, they run on electricity, so keep the cost into consideration

Use Heat Lamps

Heat lamps are popular in restaurants serving buffets. Chefs place the lamps under the dishes, which keep them warm till serving. 


Preparing delicious food is sometimes easy, but keeping it warm and same looking till serving can be challenging. There are many tools and ways that are efficient for keeping the food warm, and these were a few of them.


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