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6 Perfect Hedge Plants for Your Home Garden

Plant hedge is a great alternative to fences or walls in your home garden or yard. They cost you less and enhance the appearance of your property. There are several reasons why people opt for plant hedges. With plants like Thuja or Taxus Hillii, you can create not only beautifully designed hedges that offer privacy but also provide much-needed shelter to wildlife. Moreover, thick, well-developed hedges can significantly reduce road noise and also filter particulates from transport emissions. Of course, how can we forget that they take up carbon dioxide and release oxygen which is great for human beings! Plant hedges have become an integral part of the lives of city dwellers. However, not all plants are suitable for hedging purposes. 

We have come up with the list of best hedge plants to grow in your garden. 


Boxwood plants or Buxus are evergreen, dense shrubs that are mainly used in formal landscapes. Growing this beautiful-looking plant in your home landscape lets you create a formal hedge. You can even use this versatile milosbet giriş
plant as foundation plantings or focal points of your home garden. You can shape boxwood to produce intricate topiary for formal arrangements. Moreover, you can use them to make soft-shaped hedges that do not eat up too much space or spread too wide. You can easily do pruning or shearing of boxwood to grow them as a healthy and long-lasting hedge.  

Taxus Hillii

Taxus Media Hillii is an upright Yew that comes packed with olive-green needle-like leaves. As this versatile evergreen conifer has good tolerance of heavy pruning and dense foliage, it makes a great choice for hedging and evergreen screening purposes. This plant variety doesn’t get bothered when it comes to cutting or trimming. Moreover, with narrow upright natural form and slow growth rate, they are perfect for small gardens. Also, these plants can thrive in almost all types of soil if they are well-drained. This low-maintenance plant can last for so many years and grow tall enough to provide screening and privacy for your home garden. 


There are several reasons why Common or European Privet is one of the popular hedge plants. When pruned on a regular basis, it forms a dense and impenetrable hedge. They can be easily clipped into different forms such as smooth curves, split-level designs, etc. This fast-growing hedge plant won’t let you wait long to get an attractive privacy screen. Wild Privet makes a perfect wildlife-friendly hedge as its foliage is the favorite of nesting birds. Moreover, Privet hedges can reach heights of 15 to 50 feet tall. Their glossy green leaves form a wall of thickets which is ideal for a privacy screen.

Fargesia Bamboo

Fargesia bamboo plants have gained rapid popularity, whether it is for creating an accent or a privacy screen in the garden. All varieties of Fargesia come with copious green foliage, and they all grow very dense. That is why they make an excellent option for hedging. They are native to the mountain region and quite tolerant of severe cold, including snow or cold wind. Mountain bamboo plantations make an attractive hedge and windbreak for your landscape. A spacing of 3 to 5 feet between plants is ideal for creating a dense evergreen bamboo screen. 


This fast-growing confider has vivid green foliage that can survive extreme climates. They are quite hardy and can tolerate strong winds. Thuja varieties like Thuja Plicata and Thuja Brabant are bushier milosbet güncel giriş than most other hedging plants. With aromatic and green foliage, they create amazing garden hedges. They grow fast and in all types of soils, which makes them the perfect choice for those who are looking to grow a privacy hedge or a windbreak. They are also easy to maintain and make a great habitat for local wildlife. 

Common Laurel

Also known as Cherry Laurel, it is a classic hedge plant that comes with polished bright green leaves to enhance the aesthetics of your garden. Their rapid growth and view-breaking properties make these shrubs suitable for creating hedges. With dense foliage and good height, they are effective sound absorbers. Thus, their ability to reduce noise pollution makes them a popular choice near busy roads. When planted as a windbreak or privacy, they elevate the ornamental value of your garden. 


So, these are the best plants that you can use for hedging to maintain your privacy. Hopefully, this piece of content was insightful for you and will help you create the best-looking hedges. Whether it is about maintaining your privacy, reducing air and noise pollution, creating windbreaks, or enhancing the look of your property, the above-mentioned plants are perfect choices. They all have the ability to fulfill your desire and give you the best results. So, go ahead and buy these plants for your home garden now! These hedge plants are readily available in the market, and you can even buy them from online stores.

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