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6 Factors for Semen Slimness: Infertility and Natural Methods to Treat

Many couples believe in having babies after they come together. But, if there is some sperm motility or count problems in the male partner, their dream of having a baby may break. So, we are going to figure out factors for semen slimness that cause male infertility and try to figure out the methods to treat.

Factors for Semen Slimness 

Some main factors that cause semen slimness are certain lifestyle routines. The following factors contribute to this problem. We will talk about these factors.

Vitamin intake

The use of several certain vitamins can help improve fertility in males. The use of vitamins like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and other micronutrients can help. If you have male infertility, you can use selenium, folate, and zinc to improve your conditions.

The experts believe that zinc can help improve sperm quality, density, and motility. The use of Vitamin E is effective for both partners.

This Vitamin can help improve the performance of the male reproductive system. Moreover, Vitamin C is an anti-oxidative component that can help improve sexual health. You can use it to improve the health of semen in men. The use of selenium can help improve the functions of the body with anti-oxidative properties. You can use this mineral to improve male fertility. The use of Vitamin E and selenium in combination would help improve conditions as well.

Bad Diet Choices

Bad diet choices can lead to obesity, and obesity is one of the reasons for erupted hormone levels. So, try to avoid this problem. The reasons behind male infertility due to obesity are

  1. Obesity can lead to problems in sperm-producing hormones. The levels of sperm-producing hormones can lead to fertility problems. In such conditions, inhibin b and androgen levels may go down, leading to problems.
  2. Sperm concentration, motility, and concentration may go down.
  3. Testosterone levels may also go down while estrogen levels rise. This leads to negative effects on male fertility.

The use of the right foods can also help improve semen viscosity. Some top foods that can help are omega-3 rich foods like fatty fish. At the same time, the use of the right vegetables and fruits can help improve semen viscosity. The use of leafy greens can help you improve their anti-oxidative properties. A study has shown that the use of walnuts can help improve the sperm quality and sperm mobility. The use of walnuts can help as spermatorrhea treatmentso you may try it.


At the same time, some foods that can worsen the problem are processed meats. You should also try avoiding soy, trans fats, and smoking. Also, try losing weight if you are overweight. Try to maintain a healthy weight and try to have a BMI between 18 to 24.9.

Physical Activity (Exercise Regularly)

Exercising can help boost your male fertility levels. You can try exercise for endless benefits for the whole body and for fertility too. Regular exercise can skyrocket your reproductive health and testosterone levels.


Try doing exercise and taking zinc to improve overall health for better fertility levels. This routine can help you have the right hormone levels and boost your health.

Other Factors of Infertility in Men

Apart from lifestyle reasons, some diseases, too, cause male infertility.


Apart from the need for an increase in sperm count, infections can cause infertility problems. This disease can lead to male infertility due to tubal damage in men. No matter what is the reason for this problem, it can affect male fertility.

Autoimmune disorders

Autoimmune disorder can lead to infertility in men as well. The absence of Aire, an autoimmune regulator, can lead to antibodies attacking the body cells; this means that there can be problems in the reproductive organs.


Varicoceles is a type of male fertility problem that causes low sperm motility and sperm count.

Physical symptoms of Male infertility

Some top symptoms of male infertility include problems with sexual functions, pain, and swelling in the testicle areas. Some people may also have an inability to smell, decreased body hair, and hormonal abnormality.


Apart from these symptoms, some people would have spermatorrhea that experts believe can be a symptom. Certain spermatorrhea medicine options can also help with sperm count problems.

Herbal Medicines for Sperm count 

The use of the right herbal products can help you with sperm count problems. You can try

Akseer Kiram

You can use this medicine for low sperm count and low sex drive. It can also help your erection problems and with energy levels. Akseer kiram helps increase muscle mass, lose weight, and improve sexual stamina.

It helps with ED that is one of the symptoms of low sperm count.

Majun Jalali

Majun jalali is a perfect medicine for male fertility problems. It can help you improve vitality and vigour. Moreover, you can use it to remove debility and nervine problems. It is a great solution and treatment for seminal fluid viscosity.

Protone Capsules

The use of this capsule can help you with male infertility problems and can improve sperm count. You can also use it for sperm motility and sexual performance.

This medicine is effective in helping improve the sexual life of men. Through its use, you can improve enzymes levels of the body. You can use it as increase sperm count medicine that helps with sexual functions.


Semen slimness can be a symptom of male infertility, and lifestyle changes can help improve sexual health. At the same time, male fertility improves with the right lifestyle changes.

If you do not have any results with these changes, you can try using some medicines that help semen viscosity. Some top medicines in this category are by herbal manufacturers. You can try Majun Jalali and Akseer Kiram for this problem. Apart from that, you can try Protone Capsules to improve your reproductive health. If you are looking for medicine to increase sperm count and motility you can buy them here and get results. Semen viscosity is a sign of better sexual and reproductive health that you can get with the right foods, lifestyle changes, and medicines. And it totally depends on what you choose.


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