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5 Tips for Styling and Layering a Toggle Necklace

A toggle necklace is a highly versatile piece of jewelry that should be in your jewelry box now, if it’s not already. It’s a timeless classic that pairs well with other types of necklaces, making it perfect for layering. Have you been wondering how to style your toggle necklace? Or are you looking for tips to style it differently? It’s easier than you think! Here is everything you need to know about styling this type of necklace.

Utilize the Versatility of Your Long Toggle Necklace

One of the best features of a long toggle necklace is its utility. Thanks to its toggle and long chain, it’s the perfect piece to truly transcend outfits and seasons. It can be worn alone or adjusted to the perfect length to complement other jewelry. Plus, its classic style allows it to serve as the foundation necklace for many different outfits, from a casual weekend brunch to a trendy date night on the town. Keep it simple by pairing it with a shorter chain, or layer it with several pieces to give your neckline some flair.

Consider Your Neckline

When deciding how to style your toggle necklace, you’ll need to consider the neckline of your top. The length of your necklace should complement your neckline instead of competing with it. Thanks to the toggle, you can easily adjust the length or decide to layer it up instead. This depends on whether you have a V-neck, for example, or a high-neck top. If you are wearing an undone button-up with a leather jacket, you might want to keep the necklace shorter instead of wearing it long. Add a sweater over the button-up, and the neckline changes. Keep it long for that outfit.

Layer the Toggle Necklace

It’s best to layer necklaces with casual and monochromatic outfits. A toggle necklace is a perfect piece to layer with other necklaces, such as a drop necklace. You’ll instantly give depth, varying length, and texture to your necklace stack. Because of the toggle, you can adjust the length to play well with the other necklaces in your layering stack, which gives you a much wider range of options to wear. Do not be afraid to mix styles, as well. Add in a choker for a short necklace, or a pendant or bar necklace to change the visual style of the stack.

Play with Contrasting Necklaces

If your toggle necklace and drop necklace you are layering together are both thin, add on a chunkier necklace, too. The goal is to have a contrast between layers in your necklaces. Wearing different textures and necklaces with different thicknesses achieves the same effect. Just remember your stopping point. Too many necklaces can seem cluttered and disorganized. As Coco Chanel famously said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

Use Contrasting Colors When Layering

If you layer your toggle clasp necklace with other necklaces, consider adding necklaces with different colors. The drop necklace can be silver, while the toggle is gold. This introduces more visual interest and can extend to other pieces of jewelry you are wearing, as well. However, if you prefer to stick to a single color, that’s fine too, but you may want to then play with the texture for visual interest.

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