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5 Things No One Talks about Buccal Fat Removal

It’s called buccal fat removal surgery, or buccal lipectomy, taking fat from the cheeks. You can use this to make your face look thinner and make your cheekbones look better. It also helps to make the jowls less noticeable.

The size of buccal fat varies from person to person, even if they are the same weight. A lot of the time, people have large buccal fat pads because they were born with them. Dieting and working out won’t change these fat pads. While liposuction isn’t recommended for removing fat from the buccal fat pad because it can damage nerves, in some cases, buccal fat removal is combined with liposuction on other parts of the face to make a look even slimmer and sculpted.

  1. There are both good and bad things about having your fat removed.


  • When done right, it makes the lower cheeks and jawline look slimmer and more sculpted.
  • Even if you gain weight, your results will stay the same.
  • If you want to remove fat from your face, it usually only takes 20 minutes.
  • There aren’t many downtimes, and most patients can go back to work after three days.


The face may look too thin if the surgeon removes too much fat or loses weight after the surgery.

  1. You should know three things about getting rid of your buccal fat pad.

Buccal fat removal is suitable for people who think their face is too round or chubby. There is less fat, contouring, and sculpting in the lower third of the face. Deep buccal fat removal alone may not be the best way to eliminate face fatness in overweight people because the fat under the skin (superficial fat) can also make a face look a little fat.

Having too many muscles in your jaw can also cause your cheeks to be more prominent than they should. Then, buccal fat removal would not help. Masseter Botox would be a better choice for this case.

You could look too thin without these naturally occurring fat pads on your face. If your face is already gaunt, this could make you look even lighter without these pads.

  1. What happens when you have buccal fat removal surgery?

Many people say that this surgery is more like having dental work done. Make small incisions on the inside of your cheeks, about 1-2cm long.

5: What can you expect when you get over buccal fat removal?

It will lessen the swelling and pain. Swelling and bruises aren’t widespread. Because of the cuts in your cheeks, you should only eat soft foods for at least 24 hours. You should also not eat anything spicy or hot.

Before you know it, your buccal fat will be gone.

Most of the swelling will go away in 5 days. It may take three or even six months before you see your actual results, as your skin adapts to the new space.

When you remove fat from your buttocks, there are some risks.

It’s not very common for the salivary duct to be damaged or for the facial nerve to be damaged, but these things can happen from time to time. A fully-accredited plastic surgeon with a lot of experience with buccal fat removal is very important for a smooth and safe surgery.

Asked how it’s done:

When your doctor is getting you ready for this surgery, they will give you a local anesthetic, like the kind you get at the dentist’s office. Make a small cut in your cheek, near your upper molars. Then carefully remove the buccal fat pads from your cheek.

In the next step, stitches will be used to close the incision.

How will you get better?

After surgery, your face may be swollen and have a different color. In a few weeks or so, these will go away.

After a few months, you will start to see the surgery results. You will have more slender, well-defined cheeks that are less puffy and rounder.

  • After surgery, it is essential to follow the doctor’s advice with care. These could be:
  • Taking care of the incision site.
  • Putting on or taking medicine or mouthwash to help heal and prevent infection.

Is It Right for You to Remove Your Buccal Fat?

Deciding to have buccal fat removal is very personal. You might be afraid of how your face and cheeks look. This surgery will help you get a slimmer, more angular face shape instead.

It would be best if you did it for yourself, not for someone else, or to meet a certain standard of beauty.

It would be best if you made sure of the following things before you decide to have this done:

The way you look and how you feel are in good shape:

  • The only thing you don’t do is smoke.
  • Your expectations for the surgery are based on facts.


It is one way you can decide whether or not to have buccal fat removed. You can look at before and after photos of people who have had the procedure done.

Even if you decide to go through with the surgery, you must talk to your family doctor or a licensed plastic surgeon in your area about it first. People who work in the field of buccal fat removal can answer any questions or concerns you might have about the process.



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