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5 pros and 5 cons of PM WANI scheme that we must discuss

The introduction of the PM WANI scheme promised to usher India into a new era of digitization. But that speech shined a light on us so bright that we didn’t take a step back and think on it critically. There are benefits of this initiative, yes. However, there are also cons that we must discuss. This article covers five pros and five cons of the PM WANI scheme.

By introducing PM WANI, the goal of the government of India seems to be to bring about an era of internet renaissance.

When every small shop, all confectioner stores, and almost every proprietorship gets to provide internet services, who wouldn’t think like that?

However, over-enthusiasm curtails critical thinking. And the same happened when this scheme came into the picture. Yes, there are benefits of PM WANI registration. However, there are also cons that we also must take into account.

Let’s look at both of them before deciding whether getting this license is suitable for your business.


5 Pros of PM WANI Scheme

The following are the five advantages of obtaining registration under this scheme:

  1. You can set up a new business venture: This scheme will allow you to diversify your services. Instead of only selling household goods, you can also sell internet services.
  2. You would be a part of India’s digitization sector: Every business can benefit from being a part of a digitized India. And the PM Wani registration scheme gives you a direct in-road towards digitization.
  3. You can get more customers for your products: There is no count on how many internet customers you can manipulate into buying your products. Whether you run a departmental store or groceries, those seeking internet will eventually purchase food or other articles from you.
  4. You would have many ISPs to connect with: you can only provide services by getting internet facilities for your establishment. For that, you need local ISPs. Thankfully, courtesy of the rise of the telecommunication sector, you will never run out of service providers.
  5. Establishing a PDO is a cakewalk: As you get the registration to provide internet services to bystanders, you become a Public Data Office. Becoming a PDO will cost you neither money nor registration.

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5 Cons of the PM WANI WiFi scheme

The following are the drawbacks of this initiative.

  1. The act is still new; This initiative is still budding. Therefore, there is no way to implement it properly. Furthermore, some of the regulations of this initiative are ambiguous. It leaves it open to interpretation by those who don’t yet realize the importance of this service.
  2. Competition from mobile data services: Mobile companies now provide affordable data services. Therefore, it would be difficult for the PDOs to prosper.
  3. Vulnerable Public networks: Public networks aren’t safe. The chances of data breaches are high, and customer data is at risk at all times.
  4. Disregard of privacy: As per the regulations that govern the PM WANI scheme, a PDO can retain customer information for one month. It poses a threat to customers’ right to privacy.
  5. Low awareness about the services: Initially, everyone walked about the internet initiative. However, with time, curiousness about this scheme has dimmed. Uness more stores attain knowledge about this initiative, the PM WANI scheme won’t be successful.

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The PM WANI scheme has the potential to be a game-changer. However, it can only happen if the government understands its drawbacks. Unless it addresses all the vulnerabilities, we can’t see this scheme the resounding success it promised to be.

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