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5 Online Tools to Help You Manage Your PDF Documents

The safest option to combine the PDF Document is by using a PDF merger. This tool helps in joining multiple files into a single document in very less time.

There are hundreds of online tools that you can get on the search engine to merge PDFs online. But not every tool is worth it. Therefore, you need to choose it very wisely.

For a new user, it can be a little difficult to select the best tool that can help in merging all the files without losing their important data.

To make it easy for the users, here we are going to discuss the best PDF combiners that can help them in unifying multiple documents into a single one.

Best online PDF Mergers

If we see the list of PDF mergers on the search engine, the list may be very long. But we will talk about those tools only that can be beneficial for the users.


In the list of top PDF mergers, this tool always lies at the top because of its safety features. Other than that, users can also avail themselves of many additional advantages of this online tool. Some of the top benefits will be discussed here.

Upload URL

Users can upload the URL of the file if it is present on the search engine. This will make it easy for the users to merge the PDF files directly without downloading them into the system.

Support Dropbox and Google Drive

This online tool also supports Dropbox and Google Drive. Therefore, users can upload the files directly in this tool by selecting them from these online platforms.

Quick response

The working of this PDF merger is quite fast. That means users don’t need to wait long for getting the results. They can merge multiple PDF document in a few seconds.


A highly recommended PDF combiner online, that people can use to unify PDF document. The best element of using this PDF merger is that you can edit the files and organize their arrangement before combining the files. Let’s dive deep and talk about the best features of this online tool.


Easy to Use

The working of this online tool is quite easy. You just need to upload the files here and click on the merge button. The tool will provide you with the results in a few seconds.

No registration

One best thing about this PDF merging tool is that you can get all the features for free. There is no need to make the account before merging the PDF files.

Edit before merging

Users can also edit the documents before combining them. This allows them to keep the files in a sequence and merge them in the required order.

Upload multiple files at a time

If you have multiple files to merge, you can upload them all at once. The working of this PDF merger is quite fast and can help you unify a lot of files with a single click.


This online PDF combiner comes among the bests because users can upload files of different formats in this online tool. Here are some of the top features that users can get from this online tool and manage the files in a better way.

Simple interface

The top advantage that this tool provides to the users is that it has a simple interface. Users can easily understand all the features and work of this PDF combiner.

Upload files up to 100 MB

There is no need to worry if you have heavy PDF files. This tool allows its users to upload files having sizes up to 100 MB.

Support multiple formats

It supports multiple file formats like PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, PPT, and PPTX. All the files will be converted to PDF format after merging.


In the list of best PDF mergers, this tool always lies at the top because of its amazing features. The best element of using this PDF joiner is that you can use it for unlimited time for free. Other top features of this online tool are here.


No limits on usage

Users can use this online tool hundreds of times in a single sitting. There is no limit on the usage of this PDF combiner. All the features of this tool are free.

Keep the original format

This tool doesn’t lose the actual format of the content. People can get all the new merged files in the same sequence with the same text format and alignment.

Easy management

One more thing that users can get in this online tool is easy management. That means you can keep all the files in order just by dragging and changing their position.


ZonePDF is a very reliable PDF merger that can keep the content of users safe. Moreover, you can use this online tool on any platform. Here we will discuss some of the best features that users can avail of using this online tool.

Fast results

The working of this PDF merger is quite fast. Once you upload the files and click on the combine button, it will merge all the files into an individual one in a few seconds.

Secure to use

People don’t need to worry about the safety of this online tool. All the files of users remain safe in this online tool which makes it more reliable and trustworthy.

No compatibility issue

Users can get access to this online tool on any platform. No matter if a person is using a mobile phone or PC; this PDF merger can be accessed on every platform.

Bottom Lines

For managing the PDF files in a better way, it is necessary to merge all the files with the same topic and keep them in a separate folder. It will make it easy for you to access them and will also save space on your device.

For merging the files, it is quite important to get help from an online PDF combiner. These tools will keep the content safe and make the merging easy.

In this article, we have discussed some of the best online PDF mergers that users can try to unify PDF document.

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