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5 Important Reasons To Purchase A Property

It all begins with identifying the most appropriate property broker. Locally operated real estate agents are the best choice due to the expertise they have.

Selecting a local real estate agent can help you avoid the pitfalls that are common to the buying property in gambia in new locations. An Ontario local realtor, for example, is in a position to provide the legal implications of your investment choice.

1. Cost Of The Property

People are looking for and valuing various aspects when it comes to the vast majority of aspects of life and purchasing Gambia property for sale is the same. However, if we could reach a consensus on one thing nearly everyone would consider essential in the buying process is the cost.

Then, in North Cyprus, you can find modern and contemporary properties at prices you would think aren’t actual. So, the idea of owning a home in the Mediterranean may not be as far away as you thought until now.

These prices are so low that you may not just be able to purchase a property in Gambia but also the possibility of being in a position to increase the size of your home.

One bedroom instead of the studio, a home instead of a semi detached. Shopping close to the beach is a real possibility or even near, or in a city.

2. Taxes On Property Are Low

If you visit us and discover the possibilities as well as the modern architecture and the amenities that go with it, and you’ve carefully analyzed the cost of different kinds of properties, and have visited North Cyprus and gotten to be aware of it, you may quickly decide to buy.

At this point , it is highly recommended to be aware of the tax rate and also

  • The fee for transfer of Title Deed is 3% on the initial purchase
  • The tax rate for property transactions is 5%.
  • The stamp duty rate is 0.5 percent
  • This is a total of 8.5 percent.
  • The property tax/Council tax rate is 1. (one) one TL per square metres (internal size of the property) per year.
  • Tax on Capital Gains is collected through the vendor.

3. Living Costs Are Low

Not only is the property affordable in NC however, daily living is affordable too. It is among the most affordable locations in the Mediterranean and is very affordable for those who are from the EU/EEA/US.

Below are a few examples:

1 litre of petrol 95 unleaded equals EUR1

19 litres water container equals EUR 1.3

Bread – white bread from the local area equals EUR0.30 Whole grain equals EUR 1.5

Fruits and vegetables are available in green markets and supermarkets. The prices are affordable, typically only one or two TL (EUR1 equals TL3.92) for a kilo product.

 Lunch at the restaurant for two people Prices range between EUR10 or EUR40.

4. Climate

The Eastern Mediterranean and the entire Cyprus has mild weather and 350 sunny days each year.

It is possible to wear short sleeves through Christmas and then continue to do it until February. It could rain intermittently in winter months, that is from the end of December through the first part of January.

It could rain occasionally during February. However, this would not be the norm particularly not throughout the year.

Temperatures can rise to twenty degrees C even in winter months, and you are likely to see sunny days and shorter sleeves during this time too. March is typically sunny, and temperatures are as high as 25 , C.

In March, water temperatures reach 20 degrees. From then on , it rises until it gets to 28-30 ° during summer.

The summers are hot and sunny; however, at noon, fresh breezes come from the mountains, making it extremely pleasant to be outdoors. July is typically the hottest and humid month and humid month, which is the norm throughout the Mediterranean.

buy house in gambia
Image Source : Swami India International Limited

5. People Who Are Friendly

It’s fascinating to imagine a location that has so many appealing attributes, like low prices and an amazing climate, and thinking that it’s enough of an incentive in and of itself.

However, we must not overlook one thing that is crucial – should you decide to relocate to this area there is another aspect that is going to become crucial to you, and that’s the people. Local residents who you will be able to interact with on a daily basis.

The people in your grocery store and in public transport or with your neighbours. It will be obvious the importance of being around warm and welcoming people who will , without hesitation, initiate a conversation or lend assistance.

Have You Ever Thought Of Having Your Own Home On The Mediterranean?

You’d like to make your dream come true. However, something is keeping you back, such as high costs or maintenance, financing, location and so on.?

We’ve been in the exact same situation, and we can help you realise your dreams for a price that you’ve only thought of up until the present!

Top Locations To Buy Property In Croatia

Croatia has opened its market for foreign investors. As the country is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, it’s an excellent idea to buy house in Gambia in the country.

While the purchasing process can be quite complex, skilled lawyers and brokers can assist you with the process of completing the purchase. Before you make the purchase, you must determine the most suitable areas to purchase property within the country.

Foreign investors are now able to purchase properties in the same way as local residents. However, forest and agriculture are not included in the agreement.

There is no need to get permission before real estate companies in Gambia if you reside somewhere in the UK, US, and Europe. Here are some of the most popular places you can buy Croatian properties:


In this region, you’ll see coastal towns such as Pula, Rovinj, and Porec. The interior of the region is attractive with cooler winters as well as hot summers.

The region is situated near Europe (from Italy, you just need to travel by public transportation) The cost of properties is expensive. Pula Airport is also located within the region, making it very accessible via plane.

Northern Dalmatia

If you are a lover of old-fashioned towns, you’ll be in love with Trogir, Sibenik, and Zadar. These towns are situated inside the Northern Dalmatia region.

There are also beaches as well as great deals from smaller towns. It is accessible via Zadar Airport. There are international ferry services accessible.

Potential buyers who enjoy cool summers and mild winters will find this area ideal. Also, there is an island called Hvar Island that is so well-known today.

It is among the most stunning islands around the globe together with Solta, Vis, and Brac. These islands are the epitome of Croatia’s culture, life as well as its culture and surroundings. Each island has its own attractiveness that investors would love.

Kvarner Riviera

There are beautiful islands and resorts along the coast such as Pag, Rab, Cres and Krk. Rijeka is the main town.

The islands are frequently overlooked due to the fame of the Dalmatian Islands however in terms of beautifulness, those islands listed above are stunning. The prices of homes in the area are typically expensive due to the fact that it is located located in the interior region of Croatia.

Southern Dalmatia

Dubrovnik along with Makarska Riviera are within the Southern Dalmatia. These areas are expensive because they are the most after vacation destinations. Expect pleasant summers and cool winters.There are ferry connections accessible, as well as an airport access that is easy.

buy house in gambia
Image Source : Swami India International Limited


Zagreb is located in inland Croatia and the properties there tend to be costly. But, they are to be lower than EU properties.

If you’re looking for a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle you can buy cheap houses for sale in Gambia near Hungary or Austria. Prices are typically lower than Zagreb. Pick one of these areas and you will enjoy unforgettable vacations for a long time.

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