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5 Basic Woodworking Tools You Need To Build Furniture

Basic hand and power tools are expensive to buy. Whether you are a professional carpenter or a hobbyist, you must have these five basic woodworking tools. Building furniture is not an easy task; it requires years of experience to acquire the necessary skills. And they are those skills that will help you produce professional and artistic furniture.

Tables, cabinets, and chairs all have common basic tools to build. Having these tools are the only possible way to jumpstart your interest in woodworking. These tools are an extension of your creative hands to create your desired masterpiece. No doubt it’s overwhelming especially if it’s your first time. There are way too many tools and you are not sure of their functions. The best way to learn them is by equipping yourself with knowledge. That way it would be easier to jumpstart your hobby in woodworking. That being said, here are 5 basic woodworking tools you need to build furniture. 

Circular Saw

It’s difficult to cut a large sheet of wood without using a circular saw. Taking it manually with regular hand saws would take ages to cut a sheet of wood. Not to mention inaccuracy and lack of precision. With a circular saw, you don’t have to rely on your own energy since it’s powered by electricity. Moving the circular saw to cut the desired area of the sheet would be more accurate and easier. A circular saw is very similar to a table saw except it has more mobility and is much safer.

Power Drill

Drilling holes are one of the most common things you will do in woodworking. Impaling nails directly into the woods can cause damage especially if the nails are bigger. Woods are composed of brittle fibers that do not go well with nails. If you wish to create well-made furniture you should avoid the habit of not using drills before impaling nails.

Before buying for yourself make sure that you consider all the options. For instance, a cordless drill has more mobility yet is too expensive. If the power source is convenient and most of your projects will be indoors a drill with a chord is sufficient enough.

Random Orbital Sander

In finishing your furniture, it is important to sand the surfaces. Scratches all over are hard to avoid and the initial texture of your furniture is not ready for varnishing without sanding the surfaces. This process can be tiring as some of the scratches are deep. With a random orbital sander, this process wouldn’t take more than half an hour. This would then require a small amount of your effort and energy allowing the rest of it to keep you focused.

Claw Hammer

Even at the emergence of power tools both in carpentry and construction, striking tools such as hammer remain relevant. Not all the basic tools you need should be powered by electricity. Yes, they can definitely make the process easier, but it’s costly to buy them all. Not to mention the electricity bill, if you find it worth investing more time in woodworking using power tools. Hence, balancing it with simple striking tools can save your expenses on other things. With a claw hammer, you can pull out things that you think shouldn’t be sticking together. Like woodworking mistakes and adjustments for a much better result. 


Cutting circles and curves in sheets of wood is not easy without a jigsaw. Unlike a circular saw, you can cut almost any shape you want. Talk about cutting sheets of wood like a piece of paper. It’s easy to use, but you need to be careful as the blades are similar to other power tools and are potentially dangerous. 

Key Takeaway

Having these tools at your disposal makes your woodworking hobby easier and sophisticated. If you’re planning to buy some, there are shops that provide high-quality products not only for woodworking. Some of the products these shops offer are tools for mechanics, construction, gardening, and more. Their designs are practically made for safety, and easy to find the fact that woodworking can be messy. Misplacing things around are difficult to avoid most likely whenever you get too preoccupied with your project.

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