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5 approaches to learning in IB schools

IB is an international standard learning methodology that works best for the children of globally mobile families. As globalization bought the entire world together, the education sector also experienced its own share of changes. One of the significant ones was the introduction of international curriculums. As a result, it is now easier to find IB schools in Dubai with quality education and modern-day amenities. Now, parents can find plenty of options for Dubai international private schools, each better than the other.

If you are also a parent looking for the best educational facilities for your child, IB is an ideal choice. It prepares your child for international competition and gives them a chance to explore every possible opportunity in the field of learning. It is an elaborated approach methodology with different approaches towards learning and teaching. Let us dig deeper and discuss the learning approach in IB schools.

5 learning approaches in IB schools

Thinking Skills

They work with a vision that an imaginative mind has better potential to learn and grab things. Thus, the focus is on working with the thinking skills of students. IB includes activities and practical learning techniques that infuse qualities like creative thinking in children. Moreover, they make them morally strong to think ethically and critically analyze the scenarios. Once they think in the right direction, their actions automatically get better and more effective. When the activities are apt, the results are always favorable.

Research Skills

A well-researched article or concept is the one that gets glued to the memory. That is what this curriculum plan emphasizes. It trains students to do comparisons, contrasts, and prioritize information to understand a concept. The staff encourages students to be inquisitive and ask queries to clear all the doubts in their minds. This way, the students completely understand the topic, and grades automatically follow.

Communication Skills

As significant as strong academics are for a student, communication skills play an equally vital role. They need to be effective listeners and better communicators to excel in life and grab the opportunities lying in front of them. One should learn these skills from the beginning of the educational journey, making them an integral part of the personality. There are targeted activities in this curriculum plan that help students gain excellent communication skills, and eventually, it helps develop excellent soft skills, which is a must for 21st-century students.

Social Skills

Another approach that this learning methodology follows is to build strong social skills. Students learn the art of problem-solving, building relationships, and adapting to society. It helps them in the future, during their professional journey when they interact with people from different cultural and educational backgrounds. If your child aspires to be an entrepreneur, the social skills infused by the IB school in Dubai will prove fruitful.

Self Management Skills

Lastly, it trains students about staying self-organized and utilizing the time and skills wisely to be successful in life. They learn to be self-motivated and ready to face challenges with a calm and composed mind. Only when they know how to manage themselves; can they handle the outside world. These skills are crucial to raising compassionate, confident, and educated individuals who can survive in any environment with utmost ease.


These are the five parameters that this board follows to make learning possible. The schools that offer this curriculum option religiously abide by all these parameters and train their students for the international competition. There is absolutely no debate about whether IB is an ideal choice or not. However, it is essential to look for a Dubai international private school that follows these approaches. Make sure the school follows them religiously before enrolling your child. Do thorough research, and explore as many options as possible to finalize a school that will stand tall on your expectations.


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