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4 Paramount Ways to Strengthen Business VoIP

When a business phone system goes down, it costs valuable productive hours. Choosing a provider with robust redundancy will ensure that calls are not lost, regardless of network failure. A work-from-home option allows businesses to keep their doors open even during a natural disaster or pandemic. VoIP also gives teams greater mobility when they travel for work.

Reliable Connections

Whether providing your customers with technical support or simply answering questions, ensuring that your customer service representatives can reliably communicate is vital. The best way to do that is by using digital phone technology. A VoIP business system with Ooma VoIP phone system assistance allows you to easily redirect incoming calls to another location or device so your clients won’t miss important phone messages or get lost in the shuffle. You can also send a client to another agent or team member in case they are unavailable.


In a growing business, scalability means having the flexibility to expand and handle increased volumes of calls. Whether your team is adding new members or you need to shift callers around the country, VoIP can easily accommodate changing demands without costly infrastructure investments.

Because VoIP relies on a stable Internet connection, scalability also includes ensuring sufficient bandwidth to support the number of calls being made and received at any given time. Monitoring your network with bandwidth monitoring tools helps you identify congestion or limitations that can degrade VoIP call quality. Upgrading your internet service plan or considering dedicated connections may be necessary to resolve these issues.

When customers contact your business, they expect to talk to someone who can help them. VoIP solutions that connect to CRM allow your sales teams to reroute/forward calls and provide immediate support instantly. They’ll have customer data at their fingertips, such as conversation records and purchase history, allowing them to make informed recommendations and boost conversion rates.


Business VoIP can enhance call quality by prioritizing voice traffic and minimizing downtown on the network. A dedicated Internet connection with adequate bandwidth can ensure that calls are clear and crisp. With a hosted VoIP solution, location is no longer an issue. If there is a power outage or rolling blackout, your team can log in to the system from their home computers and mobile devices using an Internet connection. This allows them to continue providing customer support and enables e-commerce operations to remain agile during emergencies. VoIP solutions can deepen customer relationships by including video conference calls with groups and individuals.


As businesses operate in increasingly fluid paradigms – fully remote, hybrid, or colocated across different locations – the ability to communicate economically and efficiently will set you apart from your competition. Business VoIP systems maximize flexibility by enabling employees to work from anywhere they can access an internet connection.

If someone is unavailable at the office, calls can be routed to their mobile phones or devices, such as a tablet or laptop, so that urgent customer calls don’t go unanswered. This is especially important when the caller is in an area where the business does not have an office, such as a client’s home.

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