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3 Neglected Areas In A Restaurant Which Should Be Cleaned As Soon As Possible

Restaurant Cleaning in Mayfair is not on the top list of many restaurant owners but it is something that should be taken care of. Firstly because you are running a restaurant and you are serving food to people. If the restaurant will not be cleaned then obviously the food will not be hygienic as well. Unhygienic food can cause a number of problems in people starting from food poisoning and ending at severe stomach problems. If a customer gets sick after eating unhygienic food from your restaurant then there are high chances that the customer would not like to come again to the restaurant and may end up giving bad reviews as well.

If the cleaning is getting neglected on daily basis then you might run afoul of the Health Department. They provide certain rules and regulations to a restaurant that must be followed. If one fails to follow these then the chances are that they can even get the restaurant closed down on a temporary basis. But if there is still a lack of cleanliness then the franchise can get closed on a permanent basis as well.

In every restaurant, there are at least five areas in which the cleaning is neglected on a daily basis and special attention needs to be paid to those.

1.      Can Openers:

They are stapled equipment for opening food and literally every can of food is opened with the help of the same can openers. The openers are not cleaned on regular basis and since they are made up of metal they can easily get rusted. When the food is opened with this rusted can opener then the rust pieces from the opener get mixed with food. When this food is ingested then it can cause health problems.

2.      Soda Fountain Dispenser Nozzles:

Another most used but the most neglected area of cleaning is the soda fountain dispenser nozzle. The nozzle from where the drink comes out into the cup can get dirty very quickly. Mainly because the drinks are a sugary solution that becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of unwanted organisms to grow in it.

This cleaning should be done on daily basis by removing the nozzles from the dispenser with the help of a brush. The brush will remove all the particles that have been stuck in it and then with the help of a disinfectant, the nozzles can be thoroughly cleaned.

3.      Menu Covers:

The fastest way of a disease spreading from one person to another is through the menu cards. They are touched by a large number of people and are not disinfected after each use, not even at the end of the day. Studies show that the germs which cause cold or flu can last on hard surfaces for a time span of about 18 hours. So basically, one is not just touching the germs of the last person who touched the menu but you are coming in contact with the germs of persons who touched the menu from the past day as well.

So it is important that you take extra care of your restaurant cleaning because the only thing worse than getting a bad reputation is getting the customers and their babies sick from the food they ate at your restaurant.

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