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2D Game Development | Android Game programming for Dummies

2D game Development is a specialized field in the gaming world. The 2D-centric android game programming for dummies blog post will cover some of the basics. And hopefully help you jump start your development! I hope this article is as informative, engaging and entertaining to read.

2D Game:

A 2D video game is an action-adventure, platformer or puzzle-platformer that takes place on the flat surface of two dimensions. These types of games are often distinguished from three dimensional ones because they play out in this simple plane rather than having you move about inside one with higher volumes like: obstacles blocking your view looking up at different angles; 3d can also mean third referring specifically to gameplay being done simultaneously in more than one axis AND rotation around them 2dimensional computer graphics offer sufficient information so as not sacrificing player experience.


Game Programming for Dummies:

Coding/programming can be easy if it is done in the right way and with proper guidance. Game Programming for Dummies is the essential guide to programming your own video game. From how it all works, what tools are needed and where can they be found! I have made sure that every single concept is included so you won’t get bored at any point in this tutorial, but some parts may not be fully comprehensible until later.

2D Game Tools:

In the game development process you need to create 2d images, sounds or fonts. There are lots of 2D graphics software tools available for creating 2d games but these 2 will be enough for 2d mobile game developer, as a beginner I would recommend you use Inkscape because it’s free and GIMP is the most popular open source image editor because it has all the required features you need for creating 2d games even though before using gimp you have to install some plugins that will help in its functionality because it doesn’t come with built in support for everything that a 2d mobile game developer needs.


Getting Start with Game Programming:


Coding is not something you can learn in 2 or 3 days. There are lots of books and websites available on the internet but Code academy is one of the most popular websites for learning programming languages like java, C++ etc. for beginners with interactive lessons, code examples and lots of exercises to practice your programming skills. If you spend 2 hours every day 2-3 days per week then soon you will master java programming language which will give you enough confidence to create 2d games with android studio software.

Programming Languages used in Games:

One of the most important factors in developing mobile video game is the availability and use of programming languages. Programmers can be work with an app that easily used to program them, that means choosing one language becomes more important for getting your project done right!

The common programming languages used for 2D game development and their uses are as follows.


C/C++ is a general-purpose, statically typed language that takes advantage of the CPU and memory model of your computer. It’s one of the most used high level programming languages for many reasons such as performance stability etc. For 2D game development using this language, you need prior knowledge of windows or OS functions (to access hardware) which makes it even more complex than it already is.
2D game programming in C/C++ is more or less just like 2D game programming in assembler with most 2D speed-based games written with it.

c++ code-game-example


Unity Script

Unity script is a scripting language that is powerful but simple and provides 2D and 2.5D support to generate 2d games using scripts (similar to ActionScript in flash). 


C #:

C# is an easy-to-use, modern programming language meant for game development. It’s easy for beginners and experts alike with its general-purpose features like object orientation which allows you to code objects more efficiently than before. The combination of C++ and unity script makes the best choice for 2d game development.

C# code-snake-game-example



Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems and released in 1995 Java platform ( Java 1.0 ). It is also one of the languages that you need if you want to make apps for Android or iOS too. games can be developed using java but it is not the best choice for game development. android games are made with the help of android studio or JDK (java development kit) which provides support to build 2D and 3D apps with Android Studio etc.



How to become successful indie 2d developer or get hired by big companies. This depends upon the type of 2d games that you like to develop, whether it would be a puzzle solving, fighting, logical or action type then try to find 2d games similar to that on google play store. 2D android game programming tutorial will teach you everything about 2d android game development. There are lots of places where you can share your 2d games like community websites.
You can even become an indie developer or inventor by coming up with your own 2d game ideas. Because big companies like Rovio (angry birds), Zynga (Farm Ville) started small. And today they are top notch 2D mobile game developers in the industry. 


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