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10 Tips to Differentiate Your Packaging Originally, With Sleeves Labels

Sleeves labels are an innovative packaging technique for companies that have very particular characteristics. The reason is it is a type of label that is placed along the 360° of the product containers. We can say that the sleeve labels allow the product to be fully dressed and, in addition, it gives the possibility of including very detailed information about it. In this way, you can convert your boxes, for example, ordinary sleeve packaging boxes into luxurious products. Therefore, we have decided to discuss these sleeve labels in detail to convince you about this special product.

Characteristics of Sleeves Labels

The sleeves are characterized by their design, originality, and functionality. Of course, if you opt for a design that differentiates your product from the competition, sleeve labels may be your best option.

Shrink Film

The sleeve labels are made of a special type of material, the shrink film. It is a type of plastic whose main characteristics are its durability and flexibility. We must also highlight that it is resistant to heat, water, and light. The great advantage of this film is that it keeps the brand image intact, with a highly-visible design.

Protection and Safety of the Container

Considering the materials used to manufacture these labels, they not only serve as a brand image. This type of packaging also ensures that the product in question has greater protection. Breaking the shrink film is not quick or easy compared to other types of plastic, and in this way, it is prevented from opening in the store where it is sold. So, it serves as a security seal for certain products, such as cosmetics.

Product Adaptability

These types of labels are usually larger than conventional labels, which allows them to adapt perfectly to the shape of the container. Therefore, you can use them to mold your design. You can also expand them if you need to add more product information. Your packaging partner can tell you some more customization to help you convert your products into the most attractive for your customers.


The system of these labels is 360°. It means wrapping these sleeves around the packaging box. A sleeve label looks like a hugging partner of the product. Sometimes, you only use the labels to hold the product. However, in some other cases, the companies paste these sleeve labels to fix the box inside. Another way of using sleeve labels is to cover the whole box with wrapping. This technique keeps the boxes intact inside, and companies can use these labels to present themselves conveniently. A printed company logo with slogan, address, contact numbers, instructions to use, ingredients, and benefits and warnings are also available on these sleeve labels. This way, you will have a label that can be seen from all angles.

Decorative and Eye-Catching

Due to their versatility, many designs can be combined. In this way, you can make your labels more attractive. When it happens, you can convert these labels into a source of information. With that, you can fulfill your target of decorating the product and promoting it more aggressively. These labels can support many colors and various types of printing, which will allow the most versatile designs.

What are Sleeve Labels For? Types According to their Functionalities

According to the characteristics they present, we show you, which are the types of sleeve labels according to their main functionalities.

Decorative Sleeve Label

Being very moldable, one of the main functions of these labels is decoration. They provide ideal possibilities for creative and attractive designs, which attract the attention of buyers. A multitude of possibilities in terms of color gamut and printing forms is a fundamental characteristic of sleeves.

Promotional Sleeve Label

Although this function is closely linked to decoration, it is important to emphasize that this type of more striking label can be added to products to promote something in particular. Be it an exclusive version of the product, a new feature, or a limited-edition format, for example.

Warranty Sleeve Label

As mentioned before, the sleeve label can serve as a guarantee seal for some products. In this case, we must once again emphasize the label adaptation. It is a cover that molds perfectly to the product, adheres without removing it, and, therefore, inspires great customer confidence. The fact that it remains intact is a guarantee of product safety at all times.

As you can see, the sleeve label is an innovative way to catalog your products. It is decorative, functional, and offers total guarantees. In addition to adapting perfectly to the CBD boxes in Europe by CBD packaging store of any product, you can also utilize these sleeves to promote your business. More interestingly, for CBD products, special information helps the customers read carefully and buy accordingly. So, if you want to introduce some change in the market while coming with a new product, we recommend going with sleeve labels.

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