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What is Access Service License?

Access Service License is issued by the Department of telecommunication to those unified license holders who want to extend the range of their services without acquiring a separate unified license.

The rise of telecom sector in India has compelled the Government to introduce flexible licenses and an Access Service License is the direct result of that. In this article, we discuss the meaning, the procedure, the eligibility and the documents required to obtain the license in India.

What is Access Service License?

The Department of Telecommunication, in order to make the licensing procedure less cumbersome for existing license holders who want to provide more services, have introduced the Access Service license.

As per said introduction, UL VNO license holders who wish to provide additional services including voice transmission, can apply for a license to Access the authorization to provide said services. Read More: Maritime Approval

What is the eligibility criteria to obtain Access Service License in India?

As we have already stated earlier, the license isn’t meant for everyone. The primary eligibility criteria that the applicant has to meet is to already be the part of the telecom domain. Simply put, it already must be the holder of telecom License.

For now, the titular license is accessible specifically to the holders of UL VNO license category B.

What are the documents required to obtain Access Service License in India?

As per the directions of the DOT, to get this license, documents required are the following:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation: As per the DOT directive, it’s imperative that the applicant is any telecom license is a company. Access Service Authorization is no different.
  2. Memorandum of Association: Memorandum of Association of a company states the company’s objectives. Your MOA in addition to the traditional VNO objectives, should also contain the additional services for which you’re seeking the Access Service License.
  3. Articles of Association: There are certain specific rules and regulations that a telecom company has to follow. The Articles of Association is a list of those rules.
  4. Net worth certificate of the company: Provide a net worth certificate of your company it has gone through auditing at the hands of a Statutory auditor.
  5. Equity Details of the company: How much equity exists in the company? You must provide its details in a neat document complete with the information of all the directors and shareholders involved with the company.

How to get the Access Service License?

This license procedure has you taking the following steps:

  1. Furnish the required documents: First off, you need to furnish all the documents we have mentioned in the previous section. Make a soft copy of them. Further, create a file and neatly place their physical copies inside.
  2. File the online application of the License: Apply for Access Service online via the Saral Sanchar portal.
  3. Submit the physical copy of the application form and the application form: As soon as you hit the submit button, you will receive a prompt to download the application form. Additional directions will include sending the physical copy of the form and the documents to the regional WPC office. Do so within the mentioned deadline. Read More: SACFA Approval
  4. Let the application be assessed: DOT will assess the application and will verify the reasoning behind your desire to provide additional services. If it finds your reasons, and your documents satisfactory, you’ll obtain the Access service license.

 What are some of the Access Service Benefits?

For you, the Access Service License can serve as a vehicle of following benefits:

  1. Access to more services
  2. Consequently, access to a wider domain of customers.
  3. Authorization to provide additional services without the need of another unified license.
  4. Presence of telecom experts who can assist you in the process.


Out of the box thinking can yield to more services and therefore, more customers. That’s the motif behind the titular service license. If you want to know about the Access Service license fees or any such details, consult with our experts. Read More: Dealer Certification

What is this License Means? Know about the business certification that can extend your capabilities as a VNO ISP. For further details, contact Registrationwala.

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