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Things to do in Fort Myers, FL | Travel like a Local

Fort Myers or Ft. Myers is the administrative and commercial center of Lee County, Florida, United States. In addition, it is also known for its beautiful beaches, fishing and shopping.

In other words, you and your family will surely enjoy this place, its one-on-one natural encounters, endless family-friendly attractions, restaurants, and resorts.

Planning to visit Ft. Myers with Spirit Airlines Reservations could save you lots of money which you can spend on shopping or your other activities while your trip.

The maximum crucial part of this city is nature: there are dozens of natural world and nature preserves at some stage in the area, along with Manatee Park.

There are lots of things to do in this city such as Ft. Myers River District, Edison and Ford Winter Estates, Fort Myers Beach, and many more other beautiful things to see.

The five most unique features and features of Ft. Myers

1- Spring Training:

The Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins both host their annual spring training at their respective baseball fields in Fort Myers. Baseball fans flock to southwest Florida in late February for spring training games — which run through the end of March — against MLB rivals like the New York Yankees or the Chicago White Sox. It is a lot of fun and the best season of the year. Fans get to tan and enjoy baseball at the same time.

2- Great Weather:

Winter is a sport that is watched on the Weather Channel in Fort Myers. In addition, it is a bit unpredictable in December and January but “falling temperatures” often mean sunshine in the 60s. Winter temperature can go up to 80. Come to play spring is lovely too, with as high as the 70s and 80s for – typically – May, when summer arrives. Summer is hot (the high 90s) and humid, but who would you care? You’ll be at the pool, on the beach, and never fight a crowd; summer is off-season here. “Fall” gives the lowest costs of the year in accommodations and the warmth of summertime season till the third week of October whilst it cools right all the way down to the excessive 70s for the excessive.

3- Nearby Islands & Beaches:

Southwest Florida has famous beaches. Sanibel Island is world-famous for shelling; its shell-laden beaches are full of treasures throughout the year. Tiny Captiva Island is to the west, so its beach is a bastion of happy hour, joy at night. Fort Myers Beach on Estero Island is a relaxing beach with tourist bars serving drinks in the sand. The key to pristine lovers is paddling and sunning in solitude. Some other beaches can only be reached by charter boat or water taxi. All have white sand and most have lots of wildlife.

4- Sunsets:

The holidays are often built around sunset in Southwest Florida. Whether you need to look at the sunset from the seaside with a cocktail, or from the deck of an excursion boat to the sound of a tropical guitar player. Your sunset memories from Fort Myers are definitely worth mentioning. Watch out for the “green flash”, a seaside phenomenon that only occurs in certain weather conditions and shoots a bright green flash of 1-2 seconds across the water horizon.

5- Outdoor Lifestyles:

Fishing, Tennis, Golf, Walking, Paddling, Firefighting. , Fort Myers is all about these activities. A full calendar of sunny days and temps that are rarely cold (or never cold, depending on the latitude of your home) gives Fort Myers visitors their choice of outdoor activities. Fishing is great offshore or on-going; Golf and Tennis Club Pepper Field. Lakes Park is a particularly popular area for going out, with hiking trails and canoe rentals. The Calusa Blue way – a water-based trail for paddlers – brings kayakers to the Fort Myers area in abundance.

Which are the popular airports in Ft. Myers?

Airport name: Southwest Florida International Airport
City: Fort Myers, FL
Country: United States

What are the top tourist attractions in Ft. Myers?

  • Edison Ford Winter Estates
  • Fort Myers Beach
  • Times Square
  • Fort Myers River District
  • The Pier at Fort Myers Beach
  • N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge
  • Lovers Key State Park
  • Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

What is the best month to go to Ft. Myers?

According to data, between March and May, is the best time to visit Fort Myers. Mostly you will see more crowds in the summer months, especially families. So, plan your trip three months prior to your travel dates to gate the cheap flight tickets from your destination as well as the cheap accommodations.

Is Fort Myers a good place for a family vacation?

Ft. Myers, Florida is a great place to visit for families. We would love to visit this place again and again. Fort Myers offers beautiful attractions and its beaches are so amazing. The trip to Ft. Myers is within budget.

Fort Myers or Sanibel is better?

Sanibel Island is good for less scheduled vacation trips. However, Sanibel Island is less prominent than Fort Myers.

What is Time Square in Ft. Myers?

Times Square is located in the downtown area of Ft. Myers and is the most iconic place in the town.

What are the top events and festivals in Ft. Myers?

  • Annual Halloween Festival (October)
  • Ding Darling Days (October)
  • Festival De La Familia (February)
  • Bacon Jam (January)
  • Taco Fest (October)

Can you swim at Ft. Myers Beach?

Ft. Myers beaches are mine one of best favorite beaches. You can swim or boat too with its floury white soft sand and waves.

Is the water pretty in Ft. Myers?

Yes, Ft. Myers beach water is very calm and reasonably clear.


Bottom Line

Ft. Myers is the best place to chill out and there are lots of things to do in Fort Myers. Its beautiful beaches and nature surely will attract you and love to enjoy this place. In addition, also don’t forget to choose travel insurance while booking your flight tickets. Travel insurance will help you in unforeseen situations. So, let go to Ft. Myers and explore its more.

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