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The Top 7 Healthiest Foods for Kids

As a parent, you have to buy Healthiest Foods for Kids as probably seen your child reject his or her food and complain about its taste. The easiest way to encourage every child to eat well is by making sure that the food prepared at home accommodates his or her preference. 

If you’re a parent, then you understand that kids can be picky eaters. It is important to select kids favorite food. The foods listed below are not only delicious but also complete with all the vitamins and minerals kids need for an active day.

Millet Snacks Tomato

Millet snacks are a great choice because they are filled with nutrients. Made from whole grain millet, these millet nuggets are very healthy for toddlers, children and adults too. Millet snacks are a good source of protein for kids and a healthier option than many other snacks. 

Millet is a gluten free grain, which is mainly grown in Asia, but you can occasionally find it in health food stores throughout the world. This snack contains minimal amounts of saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol as well as plenty of phosphorus, magnesium and B vitamins.

Millet Noodles

Millet Noodles are a quick and easy way to make a fast dish for kids, without giving them junk food. Millet is a great source of gluten free, whole grain nutrients. It is a tasty, nutritious alternative to rice or pasta that your kids will love. Millet noodles are made from one of the healthiest grains in the world and eaten by people for thousands of years. Millet is gluten free and full of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and other healthy compounds.

Ragi Noodles

Ragi Noodles is tasty, healthy and nutrient rich food for kids. Portion served per kid is enough to good fullness. The taste is mild sweet that makes it more acceptable in kids palate. Ragi Noodles are an apt food for kids as they are easily digestible and as such do not result in stretching of the stomach as most other foods, thereby preventing any kind of abdominal discomfort or fullness throughout day.

Millet Vermicelli

Millet Vermicelli is a quick-cooking, small-grained cereal made from the seeds of the millet plant. Millet is a highly nutritious and wholesome grain. It contains abundant sources of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals that can be easily digested by individuals with non-supplemented diets.

Multi Millet Ajwain Cookies

The best foods for children are all the ones they love the most. This is where multi millet ajwain cookies come into the picture. This is one of India’s most famous cookies among school goers and kids simply love it.

Makhana Tangy Tomato

Makhana Tangy Tomato is one of the best home remedies to treat ailments like constipation, skin rashes and eczema. It also reduces puffy eyes and pimples. Since it is very fibrous, it cleans the intestines resulting in improved bowel movement. Makhana is believed to provide complete nourishment. Tomatoes are also loaded with antioxidants that boost your immune system.

Choco Cream Fills


While it’s normal for kids to have a sweet tooth, they don’t have to be empty calories. Most of the time, parents opt for sugary treats over nutritious ones, but the problem is that the former also comes with a lot of health risks. Yes, some chocolates contain organic ingredients that are good for kids, but most often than not, the filling would be high in sugar or artificial sweeteners that can harm your kid’s health even more. 

But a good thing is, there are healthier chocolates and food for kids you can give to your kids without sacrificing taste and nutritional benefits. And the best part is Choco Cream Fills which are tasty and healthy.

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