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The right hosting choice for freelancers Candid Answer

You have considered it right if you are a freelancer and thinking about having your own online presence. However, if you are wondering about the best hosting that can suit your needs, you have come to the right spot. Lots of web hosting companies are rendering web hosting services and of diverse types.

So anyone can be confused when choosing one to start with the website. Well! No worries because we know the absolute hosting choice for freelancers.

First, let’s take a glimpse of the hosting types available.

Shared Hosting

It refers to purchasing the space on a server that is hosting hundreds of websites. Not only the disk space but the other resources like (CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, etc.) are also being shared between the users.

VPS Hosting

In this type of hosting, you get the space that is virtually dedicated for the users of the server that is being shared among the users.

The difference between the shared and the VPS Hosting is that VPS offers virtual private assets while shared doesn’t. Also, the number of users sharing the server is less in VPS than shared.

Dedicated Hosting

In this hosting, a user owns a complete server and has absolute control over the server holdings. For instance, you can choose, install, remove the software, configurations, and more depending on your choice and needs. However, it isn’t the case for shared and VPS. Also, it is the most expensive type of hosting.

Cloud Hosting 

Cloud is somehow contrasting from conventional hosting. It does not lean on one server; instead, it is a network of several servers connected and making a ‘Cloud.’

So a website is being hosted on several servers with accessible hosting resources scaling with the website growth.

WordPress Hosting

It is a kind of hosting optimized with respect to WordPress sites. It offers a galore of features, tools, and services like one-click installation, security, etc., catering to WordPress websites needs. This hosting comes in two modes shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting.

The right hosting choice for freelancers!

From above, you can see that shared hosting and cloud hosting are the most suitable choices for freelancers. However, it’s not like you can’t use other web hosting services, or they can’t be ideal for your freelancing needs. Each hosting has its unique features and hence pricing too.

It’s just that shared and cloud are such hosting types that match well with the freelancing niche exigencies.

Shared Server 

Shared hosting is quite pocket-friendly, and the provided resources are sufficient to accommodate the necessary data. In addition, shared servers are easy to self-manage, and mostly you don’t have to manage them. It is flexible and works efficiently for the new websites with low to moderate traffic.

Furthermore, one does not need any technical knowledge. Alongside many other benefits, the most significant convenience of shared hosting is economical for everyone.

The average price rate for shared hosting starts at $2 per month and extends up to more or less $15 per month. Also, there are plenty of options (hosting plans) in between. Obviously, $2 is more than cost-effective to let a website go live, and anyone can afford it.

Cloud Server 

In cloud hosting, you have access to unlimited assets. While cloud servers have a primary reputation for high-traffic websites, startups, small businesses, and freelancers can equally and easily acquire its benefits. Also, sometimes it can be relatively expensive than the shared. However, its price can never be a problem. Wondering why?

As already mentioned, you can scale up and scale down the resources depending on your needs. So in cloud hosting, you have to pay only for what you are using.

So the freelancers can pay following the resources that they need to run their website. Also, if the data load increases at times (peak season), they can enlarge server assets and pay more. On average, the cloud servers plan starts in between $3 to $4 per month and ranges up concerning the number of purchased resources.

Thus, shared and cloud servers are many of the freelancers’ chosen hosting. However, in short, it depends on the preferences, work scale, and budget that which hosting can serve you best.

Thus, if you need increased server resources and features and can spend a fortune, you can either start with VPS or dedicated.

Now we will reel off the names of the leading web hosting services providers that you can trust.

Best Hosting Providers for Freelancing 

  • Navicosoft
  • Hostinger
  • Bluehost
  • DreamHost
  • HostGator
  • SiteGround
  • WP Engine
  • Nexcess

Scan over the plans and other features of the above companies, compare, and decide on a web hosting agency to be your web host. Eventually, launch your online presence and streamline your freelancing experience with the right hosting choice for freelancers.

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