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Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

You’re busy, so you don’t have time to keep an eye on your water heater. But if it breaks while you’re at work, your hot water repairs will be the least of your worries! Take these five signs of a failing water heater as a warning and schedule an appointment with your plumber immediately if any of them appear.

Water Temperature Fluctuations

When your water heater’s thermostat is set at a consistent temperature, and you start noticing fluctuation, it can indicate a leak in your unit. One of two things happens when you experience fluctuations: either water is being heated and then cooling down while travelling to your faucet, or cold water is entering through leaks and heating up. Either way, if you notice fluctuations in your shower’s temperature, it’s time to call a plumber for hot water repairs.

Pressure Reduction In The Hot Water System

Hot water pressure is a vital part of your hot water system. A sudden change in your hot water pressure could be an indicator that a serious problem is developing inside your tank. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do if you suspect that something’s wrong with your hot water system beyond reaching out to a professional for repairs. However, don’t panic too quickly; reductions in pressure aren’t always signs of impending failure.


Water Heater
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Hot Water Leakage

If your water heater is more than 10 years old, it could be leaking hot water. Old models aren’t made with internal sensors that shut off when a leak occurs, which means it can leak for days or weeks before you discover it. If your water bill seems higher than usual, or if there are strange stains on your ceiling and walls around your hot-water outlet, check to see if you leak. Also, keep an eye out for drips coming from under your water heater; these may indicate that it needs servicing. Finally, don’t just open and close faucets in different rooms—check their temperature as well to make sure they’re not too warm or cold.

Unpleasant Odor In Cloudy Water

If you notice your water is cloudy and smells funny, your heater may have problems. These symptoms could indicate that sediment has built up in your tank and needs to be removed. An easy way to clear out your tank is by turning off your water supply at its source, draining any remaining water from your tank and allowing it to air dry before refilling it with fresh cold water. Most sediment should settle at the bottom of your heater during drying time, making removal of it a lot easier. To remove sediments after they’ve dried, you can also use a pressurized garden hose as a power washer to remove them; make sure you do not spray directly on top of or into any openings for safety reasons!

Unusual Sounds Emanating From The Water Heater

One of the biggest signs you need hot water repairs is an odd sound. It might be a gurgling noise that gets louder and goes away, or it could be more of a hissing sound like air is escaping from somewhere. The trouble with these sounds isn’t just that they’re annoying. The trouble is that they can indicate severe problems with your water heater. A leaky gas valve might lead to carbon monoxide in your home, and a rusted tank could cause dangerous levels of iron in your water. If you hear any strange noises coming from your water heater, give us a call right away, and we can have a technician out to check it out—and help you avoid costly problems down the road.

Rusty Water

Another telltale sign that your water heater needs repair is rusty-looking water. Although it might look like iron particles are just floating in your hot shower, rusty water is caused by trace elements of copper and leads leaking from your heater. The only way to fix a leaky heater is to replace it; you should have a plumber assess your situation if you notice rust in your bathroom fixtures.

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