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Set Up Touch Free Checkout Using QR Codes and Payment Links

In this competitive market, businesses can survive if they offer the utmost convenience to the customer and stay in front of their eyes all the time. Therefore, they need to be where the customer looks for such services or products. These days, this place is the Indian UPI app. These apps give a reliable platform to list your brand and fetch more business. But, though there are countless apps available in the market, the question arises, which UPI app is safe

It will take thorough research and exploring multiple options before deciding which app you can use conveniently. You may have to read various feedbacks, paying attention to every word they have written. It will give you a fair idea of how efficient the app is and help you narrow the available options. But one thing that you need to be careful about is understanding how the app works. 

Let us discuss the setup process you need to go through for almost every UPI app in India.

Setting up touch-free checkout on UPI app:

The process of setting up a touch-free checkout with QR code and payment links is as follows:

Step1: Choose a reliable app that offers all the features you require for successful and swift transactions. Pick the app with excellent user ratings and positive reviews only after taking a virtual tour; this way, you will have a thorough understanding of the app. When you pay attention to all the details, you can conveniently decide which UPI app is safe. Choose that app, and half of your job gets done!

Step2: Register yourself on the app with a business account, providing all the details that the app requires. The Indian UPI apps pass stringent quality checks before they are available for people to use. It means they comply with all the data security norms, and you can put in your details without worrying about user safety. The best part about these apps is you do not have to put the information every time you want to make a transaction. Instead, the details get stored in the app for later use. 

Step3: Once your registration gets complete, you get a QR code from the app. This code has all your bank account details, and upon scanning, it will direct the consumer to the payment window. It will only take seconds before the money gets transferred and detected in the receiver account. You will also find your payment link on the app itself, which you can share with your customers to proceed with payment. 

With these simple steps, you can set up the touch-free checkout on the app using the QR code and payment links. Once the setup is complete, you can enjoy the plethoras of app benefits. Moreover, you can facilitate contactless payments, offering customers a frictionless experience. 

A few Indian UPI Apps like Fave can also help in aiding the bottom line. For instance, Fave App offers instant cashback to users, i.e., they will want to shop more. Fave also has a Partner Cashback option that users can only avail of while making a payment at the same partner, thereby enhancing the chances of customer revisit. 

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