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How to Treat Pregnancy Rib Pain Naturally?

Pregnancy is a period in a woman’s life that she eagerly looks forward to, irrespective of the drastic changes that it brings along. Though holding a new life in your arms after nine months of continuous struggle is definitely worth it, there are emotions of overwhelm and fearfulness.

Women often worry about baby’s proper growth and development and the various modifications that are occurring in her body. It is hard to resist the urge to gain knowledge about all the symptoms that pregnancy brings along. There are innumerable common symptoms that connect with those 40 weeks of pregnancy and that women should be aware of.

Knowing about the symptoms beforehand helps you keep some treatments handy and avoids feelings of scariness about the sudden occurrence. Since medications and drugs are not suggested during pregnancy, it is best that you adhere to natural tips and treatments for any problem you might be facing in the three trimesters.

One of the many prevalent problems in pregnancy is rib pain that a lot of women complain about. Since most women face rib pain while pregnant, it is best to know about the safe and simple remedies beforehand. This will help you in the long run and get freedom from the problem instantly. Check this guide of natural treatments that helps in curbing rib pain naturally and effectively.

Natural Treatments for Rib Pain During Pregnancy

There is nothing serious about this symptom during pregnancy where you experience pain in the rib. However, since it can be a major reason for discomfort and irritation, here are some effective solutions that you can check out.

#Try and maintain good posture

One of the best ways to get some relief from rib pain during pregnancy is to maintain the right posture at the time. You can bring the necessary alterations in your positions, especially when sitting down because this is the time when you experience the most pain. To alleviate the pain, you must raise your arms a little when you are sitting down. This will help the rib cage relax a bit and also distant from the uterus for some time. Standing positions and gentle stretching can also help you a great deal in getting some freedom from rib pain.

Avoid all those positions that strain the back and also lead to cramps. You should keep the back straight in such situations, and practice rolling of the shoulders towards the backside from time to time. Keeping the head and neck in an upright position will also help keep the rib pain at bay and give you some comfort from this symptom.

#The benefit of exercising

Though you should not opt for heavy exercises at all, some gentle and light exercises and stretching will help you get a safe cure for rib pain. Certain chest exercises make it possible for you to get treatment. One of the many beneficial exercises you can try is pressing the hands just on the spot of Sternum for about a couple of seconds and following it on and off for a while. For more, you can consult a professional or a trainer, and they will guide you towards the best ones for treating rib pain in such a critical condition.

#Yoga wonders

Prenatal yoga is a safe and natural way to get rid of that discomforting feeling caused by rib pain. It also improves the posture and flexibility of the body to a good extent. Along with treating rib pain, it helps you with proper breathing and provides stability to the body.

Yoga positively affects body functioning and keep the mind, body, and soul at peace during these nine months of rapid changes. Make sure you wear super stretchable maternity yoga wear and get help from a professional to reap the maximum benefits of this wonderful method.

#Advantage of a massage

You can also lean back and relax and get a massage in the rib area to get instant relief. This pain is solely due to muscular strain and stress, and what better than a relaxing massage from your partner in the affected areas to alleviate the pain and loosen the tense muscle knots. A good essential oil can be used to follow this method until the problem subsides completely.

#Choosing the perfect clothing

Wearing over the top tight clothes can actually aggravate the situation where rib pain is concerned. This only reduces the space inside and makes it very uncomfortable for you to bear.

For pregnant ladies, it is best suggested that they wear loose-fitting maternity clothes to curb rib pains. This is not only recommended to wear clothes are concerned but also for undergarments that should be changed to a size bigger due to soreness of breasts and increase of size in the pelvic zone. Cotton maternity feeding tops and shirts should be preferred to let the skin breathe and make things much better for you.

Maternity clothes are specially designed clothing meant for pregnant women. They are stitched, taking care of every need are requirements of a woman while she is pregnant. They take care of her comfort levels, health level, etc. It is strongly recommended to buy maternity clothes and not wear simple clothes during pregnancy.


Another very effective yet 100 percent safe way to treat rib pain is to adhere to acupuncture. This is very effective and the most preferred method for pregnant women to cure their symptoms.

It involves pressure on some specific points of the body to treat the problem. However, you should hire a professional to do the same for you to extract maximum benefits and visible results.

If the pain continues, you should consult your doctor and let them know about all the details. There can be another reason for rib pain after a specific time.

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