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How to Increase Revenue with Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are an essential part of many businesses’ marketing strategies, but they aren’t as easy to run as they might seem. You can create the most compelling content in the world, but if your database isn’t up-to-date, you could be wasting your time and money reaching out to people who are no longer interested in your business or products. Likewise, if you don’t have an effective strategy in place, it’s easy to accidentally send spammy emails that will put off potential customers and make you look unprofessional.

Importance of Email in Business

For most of you, email is just another method of communication. But to your business, it’s a powerful marketing tool that can help you increase revenue and build relationships with customers. That’s why email marketing is such an essential component in any successful small business strategy . Today’s marketers have found that personalization helps convert more leads and generate more sales.

Benefits of Email

Email is still one of most trusted marketing channel. Email has a higher conversion rate and low cost per conversion than almost any other marketing channel. Emails have open rates between 20-50% compared to 2-5% for social media posts and 1-2% for banner ads. Studies show that click-through rates on emails are 4x those of Facebook and Twitter combined. Emails also help retain current customers, keep them updated about new products or services, remind them about birthdays, etc. Email can be used to announce sales or discounts, update your mailing list on new products or inform customers about special events. It’s all up to you!

Things To Do Before Sending an Email

No matter what stage of your email marketing campaign you’re on, there are few things that must be done before any emails are sent out. Below is a list of things that need to be completed before sending out any emails:

Create Your Lists – The first thing you will want to do when getting started with email marketing is create a list for each and every recipient that might be interested in your company or products.These lists are often composed of email addresses, phone numbers, or even physical addresses and even telephone numbers.

How to create an email template

An email template serves as a blueprint for your entire email marketing campaign. It consists of everything you’ll need in order to send out each email, including graphics, website links and your sales pitch. There are two ways that you can create an email template: design it yourself or hire a professional designer. If you’re new to the game and are just trying to design one email template, hiring a professional might sound like overkill. But they are also great at pointing out your mistakes before you make them, saving you tons of time and frustration. There are pros who charge less than $100 too; so it doesn’t hurt to ask around!

The 8 Most Powerful Tips For Successful Email Marketing

Every successful email marketing campaign has a specific goal in mind. Without a clear, understandable objective, your emails are destined for failure. If you want to succeed with email marketing, here are 8 powerful tips you should keep in mind

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