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How to get Maritime License in India?

How to get Maritime License?

It is one question that has plagued those wishing to provide internet services in flights and on seas. Ever since internet gained ubiquity, most service providers are exploring the ways to provide internet services everywhere.

Thankfully, the government of India responded to these needs and in 2018, via DOT introduced guidelines for In-flight and maritime connectivity (IFMC).

What is a Maritime License?

Maritime License is the permit to provide IFMC services. Department of Telecommunication issues this license to applicants whose Aircraft earth Station or Earth Station in Motion meet the IFMC Standards.

IFMC  Standards are guidelines set by International standardization bodies such as International Telecommunications Union, European Telecommunications Standard Institutes, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or 3GPP (An international forum known as 3rd Generation Partnership Project)

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Eligibility Criteria to provide IFMC service

Department of Telecommunication has set forth the following eligibility criteria for  the providers of IFMC services:

  1. The applicant must have either Access Service License or an ISP Category A License, and
  2. It’s imperative for the same applicant to hold an NLD license or a commercial VSAT CUG service license.
  3. Additionally, the applicant must have a satellite gateway earth station within his service area.

Following companies also can start an IFMC service if they enter into the agreement with the telecom service providers with ISP license or Access Service License, and NLD or VSAT CUG service license having a satellite gateway with their service area.

  1. Any Indian airline company or a foreign airline company whose planes have the permission enter Indian airspace,
  2. An Indian shipping company or a foreign company whose vessels have the permission to enter Indian territorial waters, or
  3. Any company incorporated as per the Companies Act, 2013.

Maritime Registration Application Procedure

After meeting the eligibility criteria, the applicant can follow the steps below

  1. Document furnishing: Applicant must first self-certify and attest the necessary documents to initiate the process.
  2. Application filing: First, the applicant must fill the application form taking care of the precise details that the DOT must know about.
  3. Application submission: Online submission is not an option currently. Thus, the applicant must physically submit the application at the regional DOT office.
  4. Application’s Assessment: Department of Telecommunication will start application’s assessment. Upon finding any discrepancies, it will notify the applicant to fix the issues.
  5. Grant of the license: Provided that the applicant patches all the errors in the application forms and/or the document, DOT will issue maritime registration.

Documents Required for Maritime approval

The applicant must submit along with the application in the prescribed format:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Memorandum of Association
  3. Articles of Association
  4. Registered office Details
  5. Corporate office details
  6. Authorized person details
  7. Details of the service the applicant seeks to provide
  8. Details of the license the applicant currently has
  9. Certified copy of commercial agreement with the Indian Telecom Licensee(s)
  10. Break-up of the foreign equity
  11. Power of Attorney by Resolution of Board of Directors authorizing the application’s signatory


Maritime Registration in India allows one to establish as an IFMC service provider facilitating internet services in flights and on seas. Read More:Trademark Investigation

The process is offline and the applicant is required to submit the documents in the prescribed format after certifying them at the hands of the right experts.

Do you wish to provide internet services on ships? Read this article to know how you can obtain maritime license in India and become an IFMC service provider.

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