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How to Get an Amazon Buy Box and Become a Featured Offer

Levels of Buy Box and the featured offer’s ability are not the only starting point for Buy Box. Once a seller is eligible, they must be competitive to succeed.

Amazon may not be able to provide a vendor with the perfect method for winning in the buy box however they’ve come far in establishing what elements of a seller’s operations are crucial to their decision-making about the buy box.

Every Amazon Seller is advised to read Amazon’s post about “Becoming the Featured Offer,” which is available in the following paragraphs:

Becoming the Featured Offer

Special Offers are available for new items that we show on a page that explains the product which includes an Add To Cart button that customers are able to choose to include items in their tuzla escort carts.

If one of your products is displayed in this manner on a page for your product this is referred to as a “Featured” Offer.

Two steps are involved in choosing which offers to highlight. The first is to determine the items that are eligible to be featured, based on the criteria designed to offer customers a fantastic shopping experience. We then select the most attractive offers to highlight within this pool of eligible deals.

This Help topic focuses on another step: which is selection. To be considered as the Featured Offer first make sure both of your items are qualified.

Selection is then a look at various aspects to determine the deals that consumers tend to desire such as cost, availability, speed, and customer support.

I. Pricing your products in a competitive way

There are several ways to verify and ensure you’re pricing your products competitively.

Go to the Manage Pricing page, where the Featured Offer will be listed, even if it isn’t yours.

Check out The Pricing Dashboard for real-time data regarding your prices about other deals. Review your pricing suggestions within your Selling Coach Pricing Report.

II. Offer speedier shipping and free shipping

Sellers that offer speedier delivery options will be more likely to become selected as the featured offer. You can search for the options available to you in Shipping Settings.

III. Provide great customer service

Customer service is measured in a variety of ways. You can also check Your Account Health to determine what you’re up to.

For instance, take examine metrics like the Rate of Order Defects as well as Cancellation Rate and Late Shipping Rate.

Being aware of every aspect of your account’s health is an excellent method to make sure you’re making progress towards becoming the featured Offer and earning the respect of customers and confidence.

IV. Keep stock available

You won’t be able to become the featured offer If you’re not in inventory and there’s nothing in stock. Make sure your inventory is up to date and prepare for popular items.

It’s the Amazon Selling Coach that can show the low inventory or out-of-stock alerts that inform you in real time when it’s time to replenish your stock.

Amazon Buy Box Best Practices

Build a Moat

When possible, sellers must create a moat around their “castle” of products. It will make it harder for fraudulent sellers to link to the listing.

Brand Registry and Legal

Although it isn’t a viable alternative for all sellers, Amazon Brand Registry has increased in effectiveness in preventing the majority of fraudulent sellers from registering on the listings.

If a seller owns an active and registered trademark for their company it is recommended that they make an application for Brand Registry at once.

If the brand isn’t however trademarked, it is possible to register the brand, Brand Registry through the Amazon IP Accelerator program is a good alternative.

Brand Website with accurate listings

No matter if the seller can establish a Brand Registry, it is important to have a brand-name website that is the sole source of brand truth.

A seller can create an easy and quick site (Shopify) even if they are not able to transact on the website and can manage the information and keep it current. It acts as a securing point to resolve content issues that are caused by illegal or undesirable sellers.

Sellers who have brands that aren’t registered in the Brand Registry often find great success using Amazon support when they can provide a solid anchor of content.

If you don’t have the brand’s ownership, be sure to find and record an authentic source for listing information. This could be the manufacturer’s site for wholesale supply agreements.

Product Development

Sellers selling unique products are less competitive than sellers selling generic or similar products.

Making and selling unique products is a natural option, however, it isn’t easy because of the capital and technical demands.

The best part is that sellers don’t need to develop the product from scratch to differentiate the product from possible competitors.

Simply adding a logo or branding to any product is an easy and cost-effective way to identify the product. The counterfeit case of a seller has more credibility in the eyes of Amazon when it can be proven that there is that there is no branding on the product.

If a seller works with manufacturers to offer privately labeled products collaborate with them to find simple, cost-effective improvements to existing, tested products that they create.

Guarantee exclusivity on the modified product. It’s usually worth the longer lead time and the increased MOQ.

Supply Chain Management


This Amazon Transparency program is an excellent alternative for sellers who are facing issues related to counterfeit products.

It is costly and requires a better supply chain and processes, however, there isn’t a certain method to recognize and stop counterfeit goods.

Transparency is one of Amazon’s methods of discouraging counterfeiters and increasing brand confidence for brands registered with the Brand Registry. If a seller cannot provide a valid Transparency code to Amazon, the unit will not be delivered to the customer, or the customer will be notified that it is not your actual product.

Wholesale Buyer Management

If you sell your items directly or indirectly on amazon, and distribute wholesale, controlling the buyers is essential. Amazon does not make MAP mandatory – the brand has to enforce the MAP. 

Be cautious with wholesale buyers Have strong agreements in place and be aware of the activity on Amazon for the brand.

Control Liquidation

Amazon Sellers, specifically FBA sellers are encouraged to offer aggressive sales. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s through Lightning Deals or 7-Day Deals Sales, Coupons, or liquidation to IPI for IPI purposes for IPI, Amazon frequently wants sellers to sell inventory at a high price.

Liquidation could lead to arbitrage, particularly if it is not covered through Brand Registry. Limit purchases made by Customers to stop a large sale from causing unwanted concurrence.

Customer Returns Strategy

Amazon has been increasingly focusing on the “used” condition product, to the point that the products that are used can win in the Buy Box. 

This is due in part to the large amount of “used” inventory in the FBA network, due to returns, and Amazon’s intention to get rid of the surplus inventory.

Sellers who are familiar with working FBA inventory may have noticed “Amazon Warehouse Deals” pop up on the listings to help move inventory that’s been accumulating on the item. However, Amazon often liquidates products that were returned to buyers who are 3rd party Amazon sellers.

Many sellers have experienced increased “Used – Sold Like New” problems with the quality of their products. They are usually the result of liquidators reselling returned items that are brand new and causing complaints from customers. 

These problems can cause an item down on the market and usually occur on the most profitable items.

Although managing FBA removals could be an absolute nightmare, if a seller is having issues with liquidated inventory, it is worth considering regular removals to ensure that the seller can take control of their inventory.

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