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How to Deliver Outstanding Services in Travel Industry BPO Sector

Over the past 1.5 years, there has been a significant upheaval in the Travel Industry BPO Sector. The coronavirus pandemic significantly reversed the significant boom the sector experienced at the beginning of the previous decade. According to data from the US Travel Association, the Travel Industry BPO lost $492 billion in 2020 compared to 2019. A 42% annual decline, then! Spending on both business and foreign travel decreased by 70% and 76%, respectively. Unfortunately, many travel and hospitality companies were forced to shut down their operations, making this sector the worst-hit since the crisis. Thanks to the widespread vaccination programme, those who did survive are finally experiencing some signs of recovery.

The travel and hotel industries have undergone a tremendous upheaval over the last 1.5 years. The enormous boom the industry had at the start of the preceding decade was largely reversed by the coronavirus pandemic. The US Travel Association said that the Travel Industry BPO Sector lost $492 billion in 2020 compared to 2019. Both corporate and international travel expenses fell by 70% and 76%, respectively. Unfortunately, a lot of travel and hospitality businesses had to close down, making this industry the hardest hit since the crisis. The broad vaccination effort has helped those who did survive show some signs of improvement.

Why providing excellent customer service is crucial for a successful Travel Industry BPO Sector

Travelers nowadays are savvy about technology, demanding, and powerful. They desire the most ease possible while making trip arrangements. According to research, 57% of them prefer using a single app for all of their trip planning, booking, and related needs. Travelers naturally want to use the customer service channels of their choosing to get their issues resolved swiftly, fairly, and with the least amount of inconvenience. The ones that can fulfil these demands will probably see an improvement in consumer satisfaction and build a following of devoted clients.

A Harvard Business Journal study found that airlines who responded to a customer’s Tweet in within five minutes were more likely to receive $20 more from that consumer on a subsequent flight. Great customer service is the most compelling aspect for high-value travelers, according to a new survey by Think with Google. 60% of them claim that their preference for a BPO Company customer service when booking a trip is based on this factor. Online reviews and word-of-mouth are important to 50% of those high-value passengers. Brands that delight customers are more likely to receive positive online reviews in Travel Industry BPO Sector.

The traveler of today doesn’t believe everything to be what it seems. Before selecting the ideal travel companion, they will conduct independent research and evaluate their options. Now, more than ever, customers are willing to do business only with travel companies that they can trust. And because of this, it is now crucial for travel businesses to offer relevant and personal customer service.

Several recommendations for good customer service in the Travel Industry BPO Sector

It would be an understatement to say that the tourism and hospitality sector has changed recently. You need to reconsider your current practices if your travel agency wants to keep on top of trends. You must make culture and strategy more customer-focused. Soon enough, the tourism and hospitality sectors could experience another boom. However, in order to effectively manage it and capitalize on it. Businesses must not only make sure they have their fundamentals covered but also provide them with something their rivals don’t. A significant differentiation can be providing good customer service. In light of this, we’ve outlined five fundamental best practices for businesses looking to provide high-quality service in the Travel Industry BPO Sector:

Make the booking procedure straightforward and time-efficient for customers

The time you can save consumers when they plan, research, and book their travel is one of the most crucial factors for them to consider when choosing a travel and hospitality partner (apart from pricing, of course). A quick and easy booking process is valued by many visitors, especially those who are going on business. In fact, they are content to pay more for such superior customer service. According to research, 61% of consumers would promote a business if it had a clear proposition that saved them time. And 62% of consumers are reportedly willing to pay more for a straightforward experience in Travel Industry BPO Sector.

A fantastic illustration of the aforementioned is Hilton’s “Stop Clicking Around” campaign. The company urged consumers to “stop clicking” through various websites and wasting hours of their time through the campaign. Instead, they advised them to use Hilton’s website to make a direct reservation and get the greatest deal.

Be prompt in your resolutions and proactive in your communication

For many people, lodging and travel have always caused a lot of concern. Hotel customers are now more worried about their safety than ever because of the pandemic’s devastation. In a recent PwC study, 85% of travelers stated that the safety-related information they get from hotels and airlines will influence their travel selections. Additionally, 40% of them expressed dissatisfaction with the present safety protocol communications they are getting from travel agencies.

Because of this, proactive data-driven communication on safety procedures. Cleanliness, and sanitization should be an essential component of hotel management in the modern era. The proactive communication of critical updates, such as travel advisories, delays, cancellations, etc., by airlines and travel agencies is also quite crucial. Additionally, when consumers ask for assistance, tour operators must make it a point to find a satisfactory solution as soon as feasible.

Be available wherever your clients are

Customers now interact with brands across a variety of devices and platforms at once. They also anticipate seamless communication between those brands and themselves over all of those channels and devices. For instance, if a consumer asks a question about a certain vacation package on your travel agency’s social media pages, they anticipate the same response and experience when they contact you via chat or email with the same question. In order to integrate all of their major channels where their clients are present, travel businesses must invest in systems.

Additionally, brands must give customers ways to quickly communicate with them via the devices of their choice. To accomplish this, they can put call-now buttons to strategic locations on their website, tablet, and mobile applications. Additionally, businesses must be sure to provide clients with the most current and pertinent travel information at every touch point. These updates can be proactively sent by text, voice, email, etc. KLM Airlines’ ‘Family Updates’ service elevates this proactive communication strategy to a new level. The airline informs passengers’ family and friends about their departure, arrival, delays, cancellations, etc. in addition to providing real-time WhatsApp updates to travelers about their trip. What a straightforward yet kind method to delight customers!

Give extensive personalization

21% of visitors are more inclined to post a review after having a bad hotel experience than after having a good one. Additionally, 35% of visitors would hesitate to make a reservation if they discovered more unfavorable reviews than favorable ones. It should come as no surprise that the travel agencies that stand out are the ones who offer experiences that go above and beyond what the majority of competitors in the market do. According to an American Express study, 83% of millennial are fine with travel companies monitoring their online activity in exchange for a better tailored experience. According to the same poll, 85% of respondents from all age categories prefer personalized itineraries than standard, mass-market options.

Because a strong CRM solution provides a secure and well-organized store of crucial client data, which can be used to customize travel arrangement. Investing in a decent CRM solution is crucial for Travel Industry BPO Sector. Customers’ names, birthdays, anniversaries, addresses, and employment information are included here, as well as information about how they interact with a brand’s website or mobile app. Another reliable source of valuable customer information is customer chats. You may learn a lot about your clients’ preferred modes of transportation from their previous experiences with your customer service team. You can use this information to create customized, distinctive, and memorable travel experiences for your clients.

Make sure your staff members are motivated and well-trained

The visitor experience will undoubtedly suffer if you don’t have a team of knowledgeable, competent, and motivated agents and hotel staff to carry out your customer service strategy. Just getting the proper individuals on board is the first step. The hospitality and travel sectors are quite dynamic. You must ensure that your personnel is knowledgeable about the evolving nature of client expectations as well as the rising significance of customer service. Your brand can only consistently create significant consumer experiences in this way. Make sure that every employee goes through customer service training that  tailor to their sector. Along with this fundamental instruction in customer service techniques, you ought to offer brand and product training.

You might even offer voluntary incentives for skill improvement to your customer support crew. You should encourage your agents to enroll in some of the excellent courses that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) offers. It’s also critical to remember that the Travel Industry BPO Sector is plagued with picky patrons and stressful circumstances. The secret to offering excellent customer service involves developing empathy with customers. Make sure your agents have the necessary training and tools to manage such situations.


The Travel Industry BPO Sector may still be clumsily making its way toward normalcy at this time. One thing is for sure, though: it will undoubtedly come back stronger and better. Travel agencies should get ready for the significant increase in bookings that experts anticipate in the foreseeable future, even if demand isn’t as high as it was prior to the pandemic. The optimum moment for organizations to concentrate on improving their customer service strategy is right now. Making a customer journey map is an excellent place to start. It will assist you in determining how consumers connect with your brand at each touch point. And what you can do to enhance their overall journeys.

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