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Here’s what you need to know about corrugated boxes

Wholesale corrugated boxes: what are they?

Boxes made of corrugated paper are stacked in rows to hold various items.   We receive corrugated boxes with every pizza order we make.   Paper is strong, so corrugated paper is used to deliver food and other items.   A box with ridges on its sides is flexible and strong. The box consists of a liner and a medium. Layers 1 and 2 are the liner and medium, respectively.

By covering the medium on the inside of the box, the liner makes the surface flat. There may be an inside liner in some instances as well.   An arch-shaped medium is often used to join sheets. Arch-shaped mediums make boxes stronger. The corrugated boxes are made strong and ready to ship with glue securing the sheets together.   There is a wide variety of cardboard and box materials available on the market, each with its own characteristics. Make sure you pack products in boxes with the best paper stock.

Cardboard and corrugated: Differences and similarities

Cardboard cartons are made from pulp or thick stock paper. Also, it helps to maintain the shape of garments such as button-up shirts

Boxes made of cardboard are great for shipping products, but they don’t offer much protection.   The products may need additional packaging materials, such as bubble wrap, to protect them during transit

Cardboard is a single sheet of material, while corrugated cartons consist of multiple layers. There are three layers in foil: an internal liner, an external liner, and an interlayer of fluted material. It is important to use a material that is lightweight and resilient if you need to ship a large number of packages. Cardboard meets both of these requirements.

Containers remain intact regardless of shocks, moisture, or temperature changes. However, corrugated boxes are unable to withstand extreme temperatures or excessive force, but they still guarantee that your products will reach their destination in perfect condition.

The basics of corrugated cardboard

We can get a closer look at corrugated once we know what separates it from cardboard. Those factors are what make the boxes customizable.

The four major benefits of custom corrugated boxes

When purchasing products, consumers look for a quality package.   Durable packaging is used to package products.  You can increase your customers’ love for your brand with superior packaging that captures their hearts.   Additionally, custom options are available for making your boxes stunning and up to par. In addition, you should have a choice for selecting the best options as per the products needs that are outlined below:

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Corrugated

We are now going to talk about the advantages of boxes. The corrugated material is versatile enough to create alluring and seductive packaging boxes. However, they consist of three layers of fiberboard. These layers are linear boards. Additionally, the inner layer is a zig zug. There is a wide range of flute sizes for corrugated boxes depending on the product.   The following is a list of flutes that can be used for the box.

  • A flute
  • B flute
  • C flute
  • E flute
  • F flute

The following are some of the major benefits of corrugated.

  • Exceptionally customizable
  • protection against damage
  • keeps your pizza seductively warm
  • Easy to print

Determining the flute profile

The most popular flute sizes today are A, B, C, E, and F. Read more about flute types. The flute size determines both the wall thickness and stacking strength of your corrugated box. The thickness of Flutes A is approximately 5 mm and provides additional cushioning and strength for products that need increased stacking ability. With each flute, the board’s thickness decreases

Types of corrugated boards.

You can make corrugated packaging boxes with different types of corrugated boards. Meanwhile, the most common corrugated boards are double-wall and single-wall. Alternatively, one can make single-faced boards by adhering one sheet of corrugated medium to one sheet of a liner. Additionally, it is common to wrap and cushion products with this type of board.

Double-wall boards are creating by joining two corrugated sheets together. Retail displays commonly use this type of board. On the corrugated media is glued a three-layer liner. Boxes of this size are heavier. A layer of corrugated material lies between each layer of liner and corrugated material.  Therefore, the strength and stability of these bins make them ideal for use with industrial parts or produce bins.

The board fade

There are two ways a corrugated board is classified: through the Mullen test or the Edge Crush Test (ECT).   Every board type has a distinct purpose. Stacking strength and pressure test prior to crushing a box.   Boxes stacked on pallets or warehouse shelves are best stacked with ECT board.   Boxes can only withstand a certain amount of pressure before they burst or puncture. Boards of this type are ideal for applications that require resistance to internal or external factors.

The benefits of corrugated packaging


The versatility and value of corrugated packaging are important for retailers.  Therefore, it can meet any packaging requirement. Custom shipping boxes and retail packaging solutions can be designed with it.

Increased customer satisfaction

Do you want to satisfy your customers? Provide an enjoyable unboxing experience. The responsibility of creating a positive unboxing experience is especially important for e-commerce companies because they do not have the same “presence” as traditional retailers, and they must leave a lasting impression on their customers. Great packaging leaves an impression on a customer.

Environmental protection

Sustainable packaging can have a positive impact on both the environment and your e-commerce business. The ability of an e-commerce business to build a relationship with its customers is an essential part of its growth and success. In the last few years, products made from environmentally-friendly materials have become increasingly popular.


What makes corrugated packaging better than other packaging options when it offers all of these advantages? Is it the fact that it is cost-effective?  However, the cost-effectiveness and recycling abilities of corrugated cardboard make it an excellent packaging material.   Corrugated cardboard packaging also increases sales.

Easily customizable

A customized box meets the requirements of your product and is accurate and perfect. Meanwhile, the brand has the option to make it in various sizes, styles, and patterns depending on the look they want to present. In the meantime, you can think about corrugated boxes manufacturer to endow your products with an excellent appearance.   Stock rooms and warehouses can also identify products using labels and stickers bearing brand names.

Product destruction must be prevented

Thanks to the flute sandwiched layers, it protects products from destruction. Meanwhile, you can easily protect your fragile products by using corrugated packaging boxes in various sizes. Corrugated boxes wholesale of large sizes are perfect for heavy and large boxes.   You can also package corrugated boxes with protective materials to make them more secure for shipping. You can use the information from the listing to:

  • Inserts
  • Cushion material
  • Bubble wrappers
  • EVA foam
  • Laminations

The secret to warming your pizza

High-quality boxes with flutes protect pizza and food best. Firstly, It preserves the aroma of pizza in the same form and prevents diseases and reactions. Additionally, your food stays warm for longer.   As a food seller, choose boxes that offer high-quality food packaging.

Easy to print

Packaging brands use the latest printing equipment and gadgets today.   Corrugated printing boxes are the best and highest quality for setting this place apart from the rest. CMYK, PMS, and 4/4 color printing are all possible with this material. Additionally, using toxic-free ink on corrugated food boxes is beneficial to human health and prevents critical disease.   Fresh and warm food stays fresh in boxes made with eco-friendly ink toners.   Food packed in such boxes does not melt and doesn’t cause health problems.

As stated above, Corrugated Boxes have many advantages. Additionally, by printing, storing your cooked food warm, protecting valuable goods from damage, and customizing per your brand message, you can handle all these tasks. Your next step is to choose the right sizes and make excellent packaging for your products.


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