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Chat Support Services, Its Statistics and Why Business needs it to grow

What is Live Chat Support Services

Chat support is a method of customer support that offers assistance to clients through an online chatbot or messaging app. Customers receive instant responses in real-time, expediting issue resolution and increasing customer satisfaction by connecting through chat support.

 Live Chat Statistics:

  1. 5% of U.S. internet users believe that the most significant challenge with chatbots is providing too many responses that do not solve the given problem.
  2. 52% of consumers are more likely to repurchase from a company that offers live chat support.
  3. 20% of customers informed their friends or colleagues about bad live chat experiences.
  4. 29% of customers have informed their friends or colleagues about good live chat experiences.

Why Chat Support service is essential for Business:

Studies show that 80% of customers want to communicate through live chat support when they order any services or product. It is one of the highest customer satisfaction levels of any support channel. It has many benefits. Below are some of the primary and essential benefits of chat support services.

Convenient for Customers:

Live chat connects customers with the agents instantly. There is no need to dial number after number to get access to an agent, and just one click makes you able to talk to an agent. By chatting with an agent, customers’ queries are resolved in minutes. Because clients don’t want to wait for hours to get solutions to their problems.

 Chat support Save Time:

One of the best ways to grow a successful business is to maximize productivity over the same period. Live chat can help you to grow a successful business.

The first thing is to analyze the response time and the time spent solving the problem. Then you will see that live chat can help you significantly shorten this time. To put into perspective how fast live chat can be, Zopim analyzed more than 85,000 chats and found that, on average, an agent responds to a user’s query in less than 23 seconds. Furthermore, the average resolution time is no more than 42 seconds.

Live Chat Increase Sale:

As many as 83 percent of consumers need some support when they make online transactions. That’s why people prefer to buy from websites with live chat. They can get questions answered quickly. In addition, live chat supports during checkout increases conversion rates.

Chat Support Service_ Need of the Hour:

Are you facing difficulties in maintaining a constant flow of new visitors?

Is your Business struggling with fewer sales?

Is it difficult for you to respond, engage or guide the customers?

Then hiring a chat support organization could be a great idea for maximizing sales, engaging customers, and maintaining a constant stream of new customers by building higher trust levels among customers.

When customers have questions about your products or services, they strongly prefer one-to-one communication that provides immediate answers. They do not want to attend for you to reply to their email. They certainly do not wish to be placed on hold once they call. So, instead, innovative growth-oriented businesses are offering their consumers always-on communication through outsourced live chat services. While AI chatbots are crucial to any contact center technology stack, they can’t always answer questions as quickly as customer support agents who speak directly with the customers. Chat support services is a complete service platform that increases your sales and delights your customers.

Why do you need an Outsourcing solution for your Organization

Suppose you’re facing difficulties in marketing your services and looking for expert chat support solutions to deliver timely services to your customers. Online chat support is the quickest way to respond to your clients.

Don’t let engaged customers slip away by bouncing off your website page. Instead, trust customer chats support outsourcing to feature velocity to transactions, increase lead momentum, and improve customer support. Cost-effective Chat Support Services give you the benefits of promoting your products in the market you intend to, with minimum expense.

Grow up your Business with DOS to get the best out of it

Digitech Outsourcing Solution is providing Live Chat Support service globally. Nowadays, live chat is considered one of the quickest and best ways for business success. Our agents resolve customers’ issues in real-time with live chat service, generate more leads for your sales teams, close more sales, and increase your brand’s impact. Chat support has become the most basic means of transmitting essential real-time data, thereby influencing customer relationships. Having an actual human cater to every visitor on your website is the best way to ensure your visitors become your customers!

We are providing the best customer satisfaction and utilizing the newest live chat software. By using the unique live chat tools, chat outsourcing offers a seamless connection to customers exploring your brand online, 24/7.

Feature of DOS Chat Support Service

Engaging Your Visitors 24/7; We are providing 24/7 support service, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to convert your traffic into sales by providing Customer Service Live Chat.

Build Rapport; We build a rapport with your visitors through proactive engagement to identify what exactly it is that they are looking for and what part of your Business is attracting more people. For this purpose, we provide a Live Chat Agent.

Multilingual support; with a diverse team of Live Customer Service Chat, we offer help in 10+ languages making sure that we meet all requirements of our customers.

No Extra Charge; We at DOS don’t charge any hidden fees. Gain valuable insights into your website traffic, chat-to-sale ratio, visitor interests, and much more to enable you to make better, more accurate marketing strategies. These strategies make the DOS the best live chat service provider.

DOS Give your customers what they need, wherever they are

Our Client success story

We are providing our service to Alamo Equity, a Private Equity firm having a mission to preserve and grow capital. It is an innovative real estate private equity investment manager based in San Antonio. We Provide 24/7 chat support where the agents are always available to respond to the guests and coordinate with the building staff or manager and cleaners and handypersons whenever needed.

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