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Bikram Yoga: Make the body flexible and bring agility

Yoga corrects many physical problems by correcting the function of our body. It removes stress, due to which positivity comes in the person doing Bikram yoga.

Yoga not only gives the gift of good health but also brings beauty. The shape of the body becomes good, the glow comes on the face, hair fall stops, etc. Many asanas under yoga bring many benefits.

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Some asanas reduce body fat, some asanas improve blood flow, some asanas relieve stress, etc. But in this run-of-the-mill life, not everyone has enough time to do many asanas to get the benefit of everything.

This problem was solved by famous yoga guru Shri Bikram Choudhary Ji. In 1990, these yoga gurus created such a yoga activity, so that you can get the benefits of many yoga activities. This combined yoga activity was also named Bikram Yoga after the yoga guru Bikram Choudhary. 

Bikram yoga is a collection of some asanas. Actually, Bikram Ji has made a 90-minute yoga session by mixing yoga asanas together which is called Bikram Yoga. The practice of this yoga session is helpful in making your body parts healthy and functional.

This 90-minute yoga session is done indoors and the temperature is kept at forty degrees centigrade or more. This is done because whenever this yoga is done, then there is a lot of sweating. This yoga action is done in a very hot environment, that is why it is also known as hot yoga.

The following 26 yoga postures come under Bikram Yoga:-

  • Pranayama (deep breathing process)
  • half moon pose
  • erect posture
  • Garuda Asana (Eagle Pose)
  • Janushirasana
  • Dandayamana Dhanurasana
  • Tuladand seat
  • Paschimotonasana
  • Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)
  • biktapad-janushirasana
  • Tadasana (Tree Pose)
  • padungastasana
  • Savasana
  • Pawanmuktasana
  • sit up
  • Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
  • Shalabhasana
  • full-bodied
  • Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
  • supta-vajrasana
  • semi-kurmasana
  • Ustasana (camel pose)
  • Shashakasana
  • Paschimotonasana with Janushirasana
  • half-matsyendrasana
  • Kapalbhati


  • By doing this yoga action, sweating occurs, so it is also helpful in reducing weight.
  • Regular practice of Bikram Yoga Poses makes the body flexible and energizes.
  • This yoga kriya is very good for detoxifying the body. While doing this, when sweat comes out of the body, then all the toxic substances also come out.
  • The practice of Bikram Kriya is done at a hot place, due to which the whole body gets trained. Therefore, if there is a pain in the muscles, then there is a lot of relief.
  • It heals your old injuries and prevents them from happening in the future.
  • It cures many diseases related to the stomach, which is very important for good health.
  • This contains the essence of 26 yoga asanas, so doing it gives different benefits of 26 asanas.

Some things to note in Bikram Yoga:

  • Bikram Yoga is a 10-minute session. But doing yoga in a hot environment for so long is not a game. In the beginning, you will feel that you will leave the class and go out. But instead of doing, You sit down and close your mouth, breathe in / out through your nose. With this, you will start recovering in 1 minute
  • If you are going to class to do Bikram Yoga, keep yourself hydrated. Rather you should be drinking water long before.
  • Many people drink water in class while doing it, but one should not drink water while doing it, if needed, you can drink it. But do not drink unnecessarily because it has a bad effect on your stomach.
  • Always go to class on time and especially newbies. This will give you time to go in, change clothes, lay down your mat, and sit on it. Also, you can interact with your teacher. Because if you have an injury or any other problem then your teacher will train you accordingly.

People who practice Bikram Yoga properly, have a very less risk of having physical problems in their life. Because yoga has so much power that it makes all the functions of your body smooth.

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