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9 Simple Steps To Make A Stylish Instagram Feed



Putting together a visually appealing Instagram account is undeniably artistic. We put a lot of time and effort into curating our Instagram feed, and we’re really pleased with the results. However, it didn’t happen within a single day. It requires focus, preparation, and, most importantly, a plan of action. One of our most requested services is helping customers design a consistent Instagram feed, and now we’re going to reveal all of our trade secrets

Making an engaging Instagram feed requires more than just taking pretty pictures; it requires a solid foundation of strategy and insight.

In order to better understand how to establish a unified Instagram feed, let’s first spend some time perusing some of your favorite accounts. When you need motivation, who do you turn to? Do they all have similar aesthetics? Is there a certain style that you tend to favor? You should know yourself well enough to know what you enjoy. Your feed is awesome, so enjoy it! All of this is crucial. You should experience a sense of accomplishment and motivation every time you visit your Instagram page. We want to do so with every customer we serve, and we know we can. Well, I guess you’re ready to go now. Here are nine tips to help you create a visually appealing Instagram profile.


Instagram Feed Cohesion: 9 Simple Steps


1. Proven Strategy


Having a solid Instagram feed is impossible without a social media plan, in our opinion. To be successful, you must know both the reason for your article and the intended audience. Regardless of how many stunning photos you provide, nobody will care if you don’t provide any context for them. While your photos may have prompted them to click the follow button, it is the descriptions and content that will keep them interested and perhaps transform them into paying customers or Eskort istanbul clients.


2. Style Of The Brand


Are you able to clearly identify a brand aesthetic? Do you, for example, have a brand manual that specifies acceptable uses of color, typeface, logo variants, patterns, and the like? If you haven’t already, here is the place to begin. To get started, you may make a mood board or work with a branding firm (we can recommend some good ones). Have you ever witnessed the ever-evolving content of an Instagram feed? Their photo filters, as well as their color schemes and typography, are always evolving. Keeping up may be exhausting, and you may find yourself clicking the “unfollow” button more often than you’d want. If you don’t have a certain brand style in place, you can find yourself becoming lost in the sea of Canva layouts and sharing things you “like” instead of things that are actually on brand.


3. Emotional Overload


Let’s delve further into the aesthetics of that company’s brand. Your brand should make people feel something. Likewise, your Instagram feed should reflect this. Which of these five aesthetics do you envision dominating your feed at first glance? Your brand’s personality needs to be reflected in this sensation. These sentiments need not be identical to the characteristics of your brand’s personality, but they should be consistent with them.


4. Color


You’ve zeroed in on your brand’s aesthetic, and you can speak with authority on the meaning of your brand’s colors. Congratulations, you’ve made it to the next stage in designing a unified Instagram feed. Add these hues to your brand kit in Canva, and keep them in mind as you create and use new layouts! It is OK to incorporate one or two new colors into social media if your brand rules only contain a few hues and you wish to provide more diversity. Pick one color and stay with it; just make sure it complements your other primary hues. Instead of introducing a whole new hue, you might instead experiment with varying levels of opacity among your existing brand hues. These see-through elements will complement your feed and provide your visitors with some welcome diversity.


5. Font Modifications


What are our favorite fonts? This is a complex issue in and of itself, and you may be entering a legal gray area by discussing it. Not that we’re trying to sound like attorneys here, but if you’re uploading files directly to your website, Canva, or any other service, you should check that you have the appropriate permissions to use the typefaces you’re using. Please bear with me while I provide a brief public service announcement. There should be no more than two or three different typefaces used in your social media templates. As a result, your posts will all have the same tone. A maximum of three hashtags is recommended since using more than that can cause your Instagram feed to look cluttered. As mentioned in Tip #2, determining your brand’s style includes establishing certain typographic standards.


6. Add Content


Now comes the exciting part. Your Instagram feed consists of all the lovely pictures and videos you’ve uploaded. Find the original sources for this information first. For your content needs, we suggest the following four categories:

Brand photography refers to professional photographs taken of you for use in promotional materials. Using stock photography from places like Pexels and Unsplash or paying for a membership to a service like Social Squares or Color Joy Stock

When using programs, don’t forget to provide props to other account holders. Always include a tag for the original poster when reposting their work on Instagram. We also suggest initiating the request in their direct messages.

Visuals: Utilize your brand’s style guide to locate or design premade visual assets. If you know us, you know that this is where we really shine in Canva. If you are a newbie on Instagram, you can buy automatic Instagram story views to maximize your content visibility to the larger audience and generate more followers to your Instagram account. 


7. Different Kinds Of Content


As you compile your materials, it is important to vary the order in which you present them. Instagram feeds don’t look good if you alternate between posting selfies and pictures of your fancy home office. Make sure you have several examples of each of the four categories we discussed previously. If you see that one of your buckets is becoming low for the month, it’s time to start collecting more. When we go on to the next suggestion, number eight, you’ll be glad you did.


8. Set Up Your Grid


Prepare your Instagram grid now! Trying to second-guess the daily content you should be sharing is never a good idea. You must first plan and organize your Instagram feed before you can develop a unified feed. Get started with a scheduling system like Tailwind, Planoly, or Later and import all the information you found. Bear in mind these guidelines when you arrange your content:

It’s not always the case that the best option is the ideal one. There is no need for the content to be presented in an alternating fashion. An example rule might be “brand photos will be posted every other post, and graphics will be posted on the off days.” If anything, not having such strict guidelines will make deviating from the norm, feel more natural.

You should think about the voids. Check out each picture and think of the surrounding area near the main subject. Recognizing these gaps and rotating between them as you post may add dimension to your Instagram feed.

Think about the slant. This entails looking at the images from all angles, not just the ones where the subject is dead center. Is the camera focusing on minute details or the larger picture? The solution isn’t always to find a new image; sometimes it’s only a matter of adjusting the aspect ratio.


9. Disobey The Ordinances


Lastly, remember to enjoy yourself! Your Instagram account has the potential to serve as a more personal extension of your business than merely a website. It’s also a place where breaking the rules is acceptable. Include some entertaining visuals and components; Canvas regularly releases new tools, and we take full advantage of them. There’s a chance you won’t be able to utilize some of these components again. Fun and games may be had on social networking.

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